November 29, 2012

Some good sermons from this week

1. Pastor Jason Gudim, in 30 minutes , preaches from Romans 15 about living the Christian life and surprise, he makes it about Christ rather than the Christian. Amen, pastor Gudim! He does this every week and it is SO refreshing! He does this from week to week, taking from about 20--30 minutes and says far more than pastors who take twices as much time. Unfortunately there are many pastors in our denomination, even in prominent positions of leadership, who seem to excel at reminding us we have to be surrendered to God, study more, pray more, get up early and have devotions, be more on fire for God, etc, to be a REAL sanctified Christian. Even those who don't preach that can't seem to see the problem with those that do. I pray that will change as people get tired of being beaten with law, unlawfully preached.

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Being a Christian (Romans 15)

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2.Dr Warren Gage, at Coral Ridge a few weeks ago, preached a conclusion to Tullian's Genesis series, making it about Christ the second Adam. While this was not a wedding sermon, his segment spent on Genesis 1-3 could really make a GREAT wedding sermon, tying in Genesis 1-3 and bringing in Ephesians 5 and 1 Cor. 15:22, 45, This is so refreshing when compared to so many moralistic ones that are generally preached at weddings.

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In The Beginning, Grace, part 13

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