October 19, 2012

William Wilberforce, Abortion, Slavery, and Incrementalism

An excellent article from Colorado Right to Life on the efforts of William Wilberforce.


A document on slavery at http://www.guyana.org/ reports, "Sugar planters in Guyana and the Caribbean and their political and financial backers in Britain were not yet ready for the final abolition of slavery. They decided that it would be better to support legislation to improve the physical, moral and religious conditions of the slaves." These bills were called "Amelioration Laws," yet in reality, they only continued the suffering. Likewise, Wilberforce’s nemesis Henry Dundas stymied the anti-slavery movement by stipulating "gradual abolition," only prolonging it. Do we want to "ameliorate" abortion? Or do we want to end it?
read more at Colorado Right to Life

Similarly please read about the four tiers of professing "pro lifers" as described by Prolife Profiles.

Tier 1 is really the only pro life tier, the rest are all compromises that undermine the pro life goal:

In particular I want to focus on Tier 2, which is the second to highest pro life rating you can get. Rick Santorum, who many would think of as 'extremely' "pro life"/"anti abortion" falls in Tier 2. Not quite pro life enough. And since he's decided to back Romney, even that is in doubt now. I was hoping to have him as the nominee, but now we're seeing his true colors. He is a pragmatist. This is the same sort of pragmatism that made him ditch his principles and throw in his support for Arlen Specter, which resulted in a spectacular defeat for Santorum. Why don't people learn?

Similarly, Ron Paul, who everyone thinks is even more conservative than Rick Santorum, falls in the same category as Mitt Romney (and boy is that Romney page an eye opening read!), that being  Tier 4.

I want to quote the last paragraph on that page, because it framed things in a way I hadn't quite been able to articulate myself:
Non-Regulatory Anti-abortion Violence: All second-tier leaders researched by Pro-life Profiles oppose some anti-abortion violence. They rightly argue against non-regulatory abortion violence in that they oppose the vigilante killing of abortionists. However, each person on Tier 2 supports regulatory abortion violence. That is, they support those who commit some anti-abortion violence (theoretically in order to save others), by their advocacy of exceptions and regulations. In the name of eventually ending the abortion holocaust, all second tier leaders defend politicians who intentionally kill some innocent people. Those who murder abortionists, and those who defend "pro-life" politicians who authorize the killing of some innocent children, both share a similar false justification: they claim that supporting those who commit some abortion violence, whether the killing of guilty abortionists or the killing of innocent "exceptions," will save some babies and lead to a sooner pro-life victory.
That is brilliantly stated. If you make exceptions, or vote for "pro life with exceptions" candidates, you are effectively advocating violence toward SOMEONE in the name of stopping abortion. It is no different, in principle, than excusing vigilantism against abortion providers, despite one's objections to vigilantism.

I am extremely grieved at how many otherwise discerning Christians and Christian leaders are falling for the "lesser of two evils" false dichotomy being foisted upon the people by the GOP, the DNC and the media. They believe we have to incrementally change such a horrendous evil as abortion. Adopting the arguments of the world to try and influence the world does not change the world, it changes the Christian.

"But in the prophets of Jerusalem I have seen a horrible thing: they commit adultery and walk in lies; they strengthen the hands of evildoers, so that no one turns from his evil; all of them have become like Sodom to me, and its inhabitants like Gomorrah.”
Jeremiah 23:14