October 19, 2012

The Mitt Romney Report

The Mitt Romney Report

If you haven't read this compilation of information on Romney, please just spend ten minutes here, looking at the source material...if this doesn't convince you that he's at least as bad for our country as Obama, and he and the GOP are lying to their Conservative base, I don't think anything will.

A really short primer to get you started can be found here:

20-Question Mitt Romney multiple-choice exam

I read this one and was horrified. And there are a TON of other article there that prove this is his standard M.O. for political expediency. And it is not limited to abortion. He has exhibited this same kind of weathervane leadership on many other Conservative/Christian/moral issues:

Romney's 'Flip, Flop, Flip' By Michael Dobbs I thought this was an interesting little post about being consistent in one's Christian conservative stance as applies to politics:

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
NOTE: That page is promoting the only Prolife Profiles Tier 1 presidential candidate, by the name of Tom Hoefling. His running mate is J. D. Ellis. I don't know much about them, but I guess I should get some research done ASAP. If you are concerned about Romney and can't think of anyone to write in, I suggest you do the same!

Romney vs Romney, what does he stand for? Sept 12, 2012
The author quotes from Brent Bozell in 1994 (and it is still true today):
"Romney demonstrated very clearly in the debate last night that he has more in common with liberal Democrats than he does with Conservatives. . . . Conservatives should not let their disgust and anger with Ted Kennedy's big government liberal record blindly lead them to support Mitt Romney." - Brent Bozell, United Press International, 10/26/94