October 20, 2012

Sovereign Grace abuse response posted (UPDATED)

I haven't posted about the Sovereign Grace Ministries abuse cases.  Sovereign Grace has apparently posted a public response, which I read at the BGBC Survivors blog.

 I know that when Brent Detweiler started exposing some of the problems in SGM, he was pretty soundly tarred and feathered by people who are so obviously "in the know" like Frank Turk.  ( Not to mention Al Mohler.)I wonder what those people who lambasted him are thinking now? There's Tom Chantry who spent an awful lot of time defending the SGM guys while simultaneously admitting he doesn't know anything about them.
Tom Chantry so astutely asked
"Here's my question to all of you: What would qualify any outside person or group to intervene and/or mediate this dispute?"
Exactly. I wonder. Certainly not sexual abuse of children, right Tom?

He goes on:
"The implication of many of the online responses to Trueman et. al., to the Peacemakers overture, and to the AOR report suggest that the necessary condition for anyone to even comment is that they first agree entirely with the conclusions of SGM's critics. >

That is problematic for two reasons. First, it suggests that one group was entirely in the wrong and the other was entirely in the right. "

Yes. Let's make SURE that the victims of sex crimes have all their ducks in a row before we do anything to comfort and counsel them. What kind of liberal claptrap is this from these blowhards? They all get together for their rallies so they can rub shoulders with each other and tell each other they are great. And we are supposed to believe them. But they can't even tell when this stuff is going on. What kind of discerning friendships are those? Useless. Yet those who are there, dealing with these people on a day to day, week to week basis, who see the REAL problems, are summarily dismissed with all sorts of rationalizations, while the church leaders and their friends in the ministry community circle the wagons and applaud and console EACH OTHER for having to take 'arrows from the enemy' among them. HOGWASH. These men ought to be ashamed of themselves for creating such fertile ground for clever abusers. Instead they tar and feather people like Ingrid Schlueter who may occasionally say something harsh, while oohing and aahing over the nice polished abuser who keeps his sin secret because he's so well-practiced at it.

When you demonstrate you're willing to cover up your colleague's bad behavior in small things, the problems will only increase.  Until pretty soon you're ignoring crimes.  Yes, that is how it works, guys.

Come to think of it, people who have been repeatedly abused and their complaints ignored and who have watched the offenders defended by other so-called Christians yeah, they just MIGHT be a little harsh every so often. Go figure. So what's Team Pyro's excuse?

Chantry again:
"Hey, Dac, I love your ability to comment smugly on things you understand so well, particularly when coupled with your complete inability to read with any comprehension at all as far as the second sentence of the original post!"
Yeah. Yeah. I like Chantry's ability to comment smugly on things he understands so well, too. Kudos Tom.

At the end of that comment thread, Frank says anyone who dares to bring up the SGM survivor subject again will get banned. Way to go Frank. I wonder if he will have an update for us soon? Wondering if crow tastes good. Frank ought to know.

I only got to Tom Chantry's ridiculous comments before I got too upset to continue. I will go back and skim some more, but I'm sure quite a few hailed leaders showed up to weigh in on things they don't understand, as they always do, (CORRECTION:  THANKFULLY it was just Frank and Tom that I recognized.. WHEW) while chiding us nobodies for appearing in their eyes to do the same.

I read some of the stories linked to from the BGBC Survivors blog.

The post links to these four heartbreaking stories. Please do read them, but be sure you have time to weep.
Wallace's Story

Taylor's Story

Noel's Story (if this one doesn't choke someone like Frank up, then he's a totally lost cause)

ExCLCer's story (yes, this person apparently considers themselves to be an Ex Christian, thank you so much SGM, do you SGM leaders have a taste for millstone necklaces or what?)

SGMNot's story

Yes, I am really angry at these guys who spend more time worrying about each other than the sheep under their own and each others' care. But please, please, I beg you Christian leaders, quit enabling your abusive friends by joining in the tarring and feathering of anyone who dares to complain, calling them 'gossips' and 'slanderers.' Yes, I realize there are people out there who do that. But even those cases are not solved by tarring and feathering the ones complaining. And you do not help your (allegedly) abusive church leader friends by NOT looking into it or dismissing it out of hand and walking by on the other side of the road. Can't you see? Do you not hear their cries? God does. If you don't then I have to wonder what god you are actually following.

*** Crickets *** *** Crickets  *** Crickets  *** Crickets  *** Crickets  *** Crickets  *** Crickets *** Crickets  *** Crickets

Oh, can someone tell me why Jerry Sandusky is in jail and his enablers like Joe Paterno was fired, but these so called "Pastors" are  left untouched?

Yeah Phil.   Sounds like the SGM issues are FAR FAR WORSE.

And Phil never did weigh in again... and welp... now he's retired from blogging so...guess the evangelical Pope will not be making a pronouncement on how useless these complaint blogs are for dealing with child sex abuse cases and complete mangling of the handling of such issues in leadership. Instead he did feel compelled to write about mean and nasty women discernment bloggers though.  Good choice.  They're much easier to beat up on.