October 10, 2012

Dr Laurence White (LCMS) on the Steve Deace Show

Dr Laurence White seems to be almost a regular the last few months on the Steve Deace show.  This past  week he spoke to Steve in Missouri on some of the political issues Christians should be considering.  Fabulous interview!!

Hour 2: A long-time culture warrior is challenging his own to put principle ahead of party… Steve shares his interview with the indomitable Dr. Laurence White.

Another excellent podcast was Rod Rosenbladt's interview on the Janet Mefferd show on October 8, speaking of one of the five Solas, Solus Christus.

Hour 3- Dr Rod Rosenbladt discusses Christ Alone

I just love how excited Rod gets about this stuff.  I watched his "Two Natures of Christ" series on Vimeo and was touched by how emotional he gets occasionally, when speaking about our wonderful Savior!