October 26, 2012

9-11... Never forget... (like Mark Driscoll apparently has.)

All you have to do is keep the story of 9-11 in your head while you read this article by Mark Driscoll trying to justify his heavy handed leadership. Pretty self explanatory.

Do You Trust Your Pilot?

I prefer Jesus as my pilot Mark. He makes me to lie down in green pastures, and leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul.

You on the other hand want to make the sheep comfortable doing 4 G's. Sorry, sheep aren't built for high gravity turns. We just want to eat, sleep, enjoy our fellow sheep, and reproduce, like Jesus told us to. You're supposed to be warding off wolves, not being one, or taking sheep on plane rides. You can go for plane rides Mark, feel free. Goats might like it too. Hopefully after you leave on your plane ride the sheep will be blessed with a real undershepherd who follows the Good Shepherd.

October 25, 2012

Dr Laurence White at the Family Leadership Summit

Dr Laurence White recently appeared at the Family Leadership summit earlier this fall, giving a lecture on Christians and compromise, and calling out national evils.  You'll have to register (free) to have access to the 30 minute video but it is well worth it.  You'll also have access to the other videos from the other speakers there.

Dr Laurence White at the Family Leadership Summit

Afterward he gave this excellent interview to Steve Deace which can be heard here (hour 2)

Steve Deace Show October 2, 2012

October 20, 2012

Sovereign Grace abuse response posted (UPDATED)

I haven't posted about the Sovereign Grace Ministries abuse cases.  Sovereign Grace has apparently posted a public response, which I read at the BGBC Survivors blog.

 I know that when Brent Detweiler started exposing some of the problems in SGM, he was pretty soundly tarred and feathered by people who are so obviously "in the know" like Frank Turk.  ( Not to mention Al Mohler.)I wonder what those people who lambasted him are thinking now? There's Tom Chantry who spent an awful lot of time defending the SGM guys while simultaneously admitting he doesn't know anything about them.
Tom Chantry so astutely asked
"Here's my question to all of you: What would qualify any outside person or group to intervene and/or mediate this dispute?"
Exactly. I wonder. Certainly not sexual abuse of children, right Tom?

He goes on:
"The implication of many of the online responses to Trueman et. al., to the Peacemakers overture, and to the AOR report suggest that the necessary condition for anyone to even comment is that they first agree entirely with the conclusions of SGM's critics. >

That is problematic for two reasons. First, it suggests that one group was entirely in the wrong and the other was entirely in the right. "

October 19, 2012

The Mitt Romney Report

The Mitt Romney Report

If you haven't read this compilation of information on Romney, please just spend ten minutes here, looking at the source material...if this doesn't convince you that he's at least as bad for our country as Obama, and he and the GOP are lying to their Conservative base, I don't think anything will.

A really short primer to get you started can be found here:

20-Question Mitt Romney multiple-choice exam

I read this one and was horrified. And there are a TON of other article there that prove this is his standard M.O. for political expediency. And it is not limited to abortion. He has exhibited this same kind of weathervane leadership on many other Conservative/Christian/moral issues:

Romney's 'Flip, Flop, Flip' By Michael Dobbs I thought this was an interesting little post about being consistent in one's Christian conservative stance as applies to politics:

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
NOTE: That page is promoting the only Prolife Profiles Tier 1 presidential candidate, by the name of Tom Hoefling. His running mate is J. D. Ellis. I don't know much about them, but I guess I should get some research done ASAP. If you are concerned about Romney and can't think of anyone to write in, I suggest you do the same!

Romney vs Romney, what does he stand for? Sept 12, 2012
The author quotes from Brent Bozell in 1994 (and it is still true today):
"Romney demonstrated very clearly in the debate last night that he has more in common with liberal Democrats than he does with Conservatives. . . . Conservatives should not let their disgust and anger with Ted Kennedy's big government liberal record blindly lead them to support Mitt Romney." - Brent Bozell, United Press International, 10/26/94

William Wilberforce, Abortion, Slavery, and Incrementalism

An excellent article from Colorado Right to Life on the efforts of William Wilberforce.


A document on slavery at http://www.guyana.org/ reports, "Sugar planters in Guyana and the Caribbean and their political and financial backers in Britain were not yet ready for the final abolition of slavery. They decided that it would be better to support legislation to improve the physical, moral and religious conditions of the slaves." These bills were called "Amelioration Laws," yet in reality, they only continued the suffering. Likewise, Wilberforce’s nemesis Henry Dundas stymied the anti-slavery movement by stipulating "gradual abolition," only prolonging it. Do we want to "ameliorate" abortion? Or do we want to end it?

October 17, 2012

If you think it is OK as a Christian to vote for "pro life with exceptions" (UPDATED: NEW ROMNEY ABORTION AD)

Think again:

Abortion and the Conscience of a Nation
In these United States, we are a government by the consent of the governed. The state has no power the people are not willing to submit to or permit. Therefore, what you’re really doing is choosing which of two arsonists to hand the matches to. One arsonist may burn down a building with fewer people, but you are consenting to allow him to burn down the building nonetheless.

Imagine choosing between two Nazis. One will kill 1,000 Jews, and the other will 10. Are you a hero for choosing the one killed 10 Jews? Not according to the Nuremberg trials after World War II. As depicted in the award-winning holocaust film Judgment at Nuremberg, judges who tried to make the case they were heroes by sending fewer Jews to the gas chambers and concentration camps were hung to death right alongside the worst of executioners.

I agree we should do as much as we can to save as many as we can whenever we can, like in another award-winning holocaust film Schindler’s List. But before settling for the best we can do, we should try to do all we can do first. That’s not what we’re doing. We’re surrendering to the child killing industry and the ruling class up front, and then patting ourselves on the back for our own sellout.
Thus the killing continues.

Very convicting.

The new Romney ad targeting swing states should show you exactly what kind of a twisted man you'd be voting for, out of sheer pragmatism. And the sad thing is, you don't even get the pragmatic results you are aiming at.

Walther's Law and Gospel lectures 24, 25, 26

A couple of great Walther lectures I read over the last few days.

Lecture 24 exposes Melancthon for the Synergist he was:

Lecture 25 speaks passionately about the NECESSITY of pastors who will not just preach truth but will plainly and accurately and VIGOROUSLY refute error from the pulpit, which some in the AFLC, our current denomination, sadly do not want to do:

In fact I once got an email back from the dean of the seminary defending the unwillingness to thoroughly do the job of a pastor/teacher. I had asked the dean if they planned on doing anything to warn about the error of the Church Growth movement and adoption of Purpose Driven or Seeker sensitive methodologies. I was told by the Seminary dean that they believe that if they just teach the truth that will take care of the issue (in spite of the many commands in Scripture for the pastor and teacher to actually refute error). A further question from me about how that worked for one particularly popular pastor who had been teaching there for years, who then went out to Camarillo, CA and started a "purpose driven church" (as per his website at the time) received no further response from him. Sigh.

They are likely too enamored with Spener's self defeating, divisive, "non-divisive" approach as explained in Spener's Pia Desideria. In fact I've been told that book is taught in Seminary as a good book. I've read some sections... and I shudder to think of young men who can't see the error in that book going out and leading a flock of God's sheep.

In lecture 26 Walther refutes the approach of those like Rick Warren and Bill Hybels and those who focus on 'contextualization' -- and this was done a hundred years before their time. (I guess there's nothing new under the sun):

Anyway, good reading. The links there are to the online, older version, but I have the reader's edition from Concordia which is a little easier because the language has been updated. It's worth buying!

October 16, 2012

Rick Warren's teachings indistinguishable from Islam/Chrislam?

In February I linked to a post from the Orange County Register where Rick Warren was building bridges to Muslims.

After that he insisted he was not promoting Chrislam (via twitter, hardly the place to correct the article, which the author insists was accurate).  Well, obviously some Muslims are getting the message that his teachings are equally applicable to them.  So whether he calls it Chrislam is irrelevant.

Wardah Khalid (Author, Young American Muslim) has weighed in very positively on her time spent listening to Rick Warren and Oprah.

'I Have Aha Moment Exhaustion!' My Afternoon With Oprah and Pastor Rick Warren 

But discerning Christians have been saying what she's saying for years...and they have not been intending it to be a positive observation.  Specifically, that Rick's teachings aren't actually Christian, but rather they are basically a general-revelation-inspired moralism that appeals to all sorts of non-Christian (works-salvation, works-sanctification) religions, including Islam, and should not be a part of any church that wishes to be faithful to the only Word of God that can save souls.

But NOOOO, of course he's not promoting Chrislam, because he said so!
"Yes, I realize that Pastor Rick is Christian, and well, I am not, but I was familiar enough with his work to know that much of the spiritual advice he gave his Christian followers resonated with Muslims as well. (His book, "The Purpose Driven Life," is the best-selling non-fiction book in the world). Thus, it was with anticipation and excitement that I entered the Hobby Center last Friday afternoon to watch the show."

October 10, 2012

Elephant Room's Harvest Bible Chapel racking up the debt?

The Elephant's Debt

Hm... an interesting read about how James Macdonald has squandered the blessing God gave him when he was trying to remain faithful to His Word... how and when that started to change, and what people tried to do about it.

Sounds like he's taken a page from Mark Driscoll's playbook about consolidating power in himself, neutering the elder board to whom he claims he is accountable.

Dr Laurence White (LCMS) on the Steve Deace Show

Dr Laurence White seems to be almost a regular the last few months on the Steve Deace show.  This past  week he spoke to Steve in Missouri on some of the political issues Christians should be considering.  Fabulous interview!!

Hour 2: A long-time culture warrior is challenging his own to put principle ahead of party… Steve shares his interview with the indomitable Dr. Laurence White.

Another excellent podcast was Rod Rosenbladt's interview on the Janet Mefferd show on October 8, speaking of one of the five Solas, Solus Christus.

Hour 3- Dr Rod Rosenbladt discusses Christ Alone

I just love how excited Rod gets about this stuff.  I watched his "Two Natures of Christ" series on Vimeo and was touched by how emotional he gets occasionally, when speaking about our wonderful Savior!