June 22, 2012

When Bullies Lose a Leader (The Pedestrian Christian)

I have to admit this made me chortle repeatedly.  Alex lets Team Pyro have it with both barrels:

When Bullies Lose a Leader

Heaven forbid I suggest his language is strong... though sometimes I was finding myself laughing with surprise at his boldness.  After all haven't I repeatedly been accused of the same?


I'm not sure what he means with the reference to hyper-calvinism, so I did ask on the comment thread. Hopefully he will clarify. (YES he changed it to neo-calvinism, which makes much more sense!)

I must say I do agree with his general point.  The whole discernment community is becoming a good old boys' network and heaven help anyone who is principled enough to question the de facto leaders and not to engage in furthering this cult of personality.

I hadn't read the thing from Phillips about worrying about his hit count on his original blog.  That is really truly pathetic.  Do people really worry about the size of their audience?  Why?  I think sometimes I've looked at my hit count... by accident.  This blog is just my thoughts. If they help someone, good, and if not, then forget about it.