June 14, 2012

Joel Taylor Throws Down (Again) On John Macarthur

Joel Taylor over at 5pt Salt has thrown down on John Macarthur's eschatology, and a few other large popular ministries.   I have to wonder, will he be labeled a discernment diva now?  Will Frank respond in his inimitably disdainful way?  Will Todd Friel mockingly talk about Joel and his circular firing squad and his tendency to "Fire! Aim!  Ready!"?  Will Phil come out of retirement to set the record straight and tell us how some people, especially women, just shouldn't be blogging, especially when they don't afford the proper amount of respect toward duly ordained ministers of God?  Well no, not likely, because he's already said he just isn't interested in eschatology.  However, as most people know, secondary doctrines do very much affect the primary ones i.e. the gospel, and Joel is attempting to make that case very clearly. All those guys have said that the gospel is the issues we are supposed to have circular firing squads over.

I do think it's about time more people discussed this issue.  I tend to agree with Joel here though I'm not clear that it's quite as important as he's making it (that may very likely be my own ignorance on the matter).  I think a lot of people don't even understand how it undermines the primary issues.  It is a felicitous inconsistency.

I wish people would discuss it more, with clarity on how it affects our understanding of the exclusive and precious gospel of salvation by grace ALONE through faith ALONE.  So I'm gonna pop some popcorn and watch and see if this turns into anything at all.  However, it looks like he's been posting on Macarthur for a while and they aren't paying attention.

Hmmm...Maybe that's what it is -- when the guys take on a big shot no one cares, and they dismiss it from their minds as normal disagreement... but when a woman does, they immediately notice... because she's not supposed to disagree but ought to just nod and agree naively with everything men say... even when they contradict each other.  I am still very confused on how this works.  I would like to know the rules, so that I can avoid sinning against these guys' consciences, ya know?

(yeah I know, you can't sin against someone else's conscience...)

at 5 Point Salt:
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I dunno, the conservative Lutherans have been doing it for a long time.  The other reason is probably because they just don't see it as essential doctrine over which to split.  But I agree, it ought to be brought up more often anyway.  People are so afraid of disagreement with clarity.  They prefer disagreement with the illusion of unity.

Today, and Not Partially
Joel makes a superb point here.  Though I suspect people will say he only meant the two verses he quoted were fulfilled.

A Damnable Error - A Simple Question
What Will The Church Do With Such A Man
The Danger of a Large Ministry
Take, for example, the Grace-to-You (GTY) organization led by John MacArthur. It is a large ministry which has outlets in various media, and, without question, is a worldwide ministry reaching untold numbers. Yet GTY’s major folly is tickling the ears of thousands who desire sensational prophetic messages in the form of premillenial dispensationalism – a rank heresy.

Another example would be John Piper’s Desiring God ministry, or the Gospel Coalition (TGC), both organizations having widespread audiences and who’s major assault on biblical Christianity comes in the form of New Calvinism, with a major tenant (sic) of that system being Gospel contemplationism and a severe downplaying of the necessity of obedience to God’s Word. They are ‘the grace boys’ and their major error is antinomiansm – lawlessness.
I actually disagree with Joel on the Piper and TGC antinomian issue - but yes they are pretty mixed up with some poor theology and understandings of ministry, if they still have Crawford and Bryan Loritts involved as well as every other person who makes a big deal out of skin color.  I would rather tend to think the issue is a confusion of law and gospel in at least Piper's ministry.  I don't think antinomianism is the problem there... if so I haven't seen it.

There are a lot of related links at the bottom of Joel's posts,  so I will leave it at this point.  You can follow the related links at his site if you like.

And Oh!  Look!  Joel is quoting here, on a related link, from the Trinity Foundation cult!
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Doesn't he know Ole Anthony is bad? [NOTE: This is tongue in cheek - PLEASE see this post for explanation - :-} ]