May 15, 2012

Fourth Church KICKED OUT of Harvest Bible Fellowship

Boy the stories about punitive pastors are just multiplying! Surely this is what Jesus meant when he said "it shall not be so among you." Blood Stained Ink reports that there has been another church leaving Harvest Bible Fellowship over the Elephant Room and related controversies. Only they didn't do it voluntarily. They were unceremoniously dumped.
“… There is hope amidst the suffering. Loved ones, we have hope. And for our church, as I am studying the passage, I am amazed at the pertinence of God’s Word. Can I just tell you that? I am amazed that God sees what we are going through, and a year in advance knew that we would be in this passage. And with the suffering that we are going through as a church – if you were here last week, you heard about the sufferings that our church is enduring. That we have a sign out there that says: “Harvest Bible Chapel.” And did you know that we are no longer a Harvest Bible Chapel? Because our denomination decided they wanted to kick us out. And why did they want to kick us out? Because they wanted to choose to embrace, to invite and affirm somebody who teaches false doctrines about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and about the Trinity. And so because of that loved ones, I don’t know about you, but I’m perplexed right now at this situation. I’m confused. I’m discouraged. And I’m grieving over this.
read more at Fourth Church “Kicked Out” from Fellowship via “Catapult?” at Blood Stained Ink Praise God for the courage of the leadership there! May God raise up more men like that!