May 24, 2012

Christian and Missionary Alliance church given back to its congregation (Paramus, NJ)

Sorry this is a little bit old, and an update on this story:

Christian & Missionary Alliance church members fighting back
World Net Daily reported that a judge has given the church building back to the congregation at Paramus NJ.  Thank the Lord!

Judge Puts Congregation Back In Own Church
Halts 'eviction' that would turn property over to conference

“We were informed that the district was going to shut us down,” Smaha told WND.

The reason?

“He told us that we were too small.”

.... The eviction order then became effective Jan. 1.

When it obtained possession of the building, the C&MA turned it over to a Korean congregation of about 20 members, while the Community Church members, estimated at 70 at this point, were told to find another location. Smaha told WND today that the church members now have “no intention of evicting the Korean church now that we are moving back into our building.”

“I’ve already extended the invitation for his congregation to continue meeting in our building, and we’ll work around schedules as best as we can,” he said.

“My mom always said, ‘two wrongs don’t make a right,’ and I don’t think it would be right to do to them what the CMA did to us,” Smaha told WND.

The Korean church pastor, Cliff Chung, was grateful.

“That is so very kind and generous of them,” he said. “We are truly brothers and sisters in Christ, and we are so appreciative of their welcoming spirit.”


The court's decision is not final, and there is more ahead. I appreciate this paragraph:
“I pray, and ask others to join us in this prayer, that the Christian & Missionary Alliance will simply have a change of heart and drop their claim to our building,” Smaha told WND. “Either that, or I pray that we’ll make solid, legal precedent so that they can’t continue treating church congregations this way.”

The denomination could not be reached tonight for comment.