February 27, 2012

Race Based Special Interest Theology (The Pedestrian Christian) (UPDATED --ADDED LINKS)

Originally posted 2-3-2012 at 10:55pm CT

A commenter at Better Than Sacrifice mentioned he was working up this article, so I looked it up:

An Examination of Protestant/Evangelical Race Based-Special Interest Theology (Part 1 of 5)
Now, as you cannot see for the moment with this quote, Loritts is black. While this should not matter to anyone with respect to theology and more importantly, Christianity, it apparently matters to Loritts who approaches the theological issue as if it is, in part, a racial one. He imposes upon the objections of others some kind of racial responsibility with respect to theology. That is, Loritts asserts, at least implicitly, that our theological assertions and objections can legitimately be formed, in part, by racial considerations.

Your first reaction, I am sure, is that he is wrong and you are correct. But you would be surprised the number of Protestant/Evangelical Teachers (and I am referring to those on the moderate to conservative side) who would, in one breath, reject Loritts’ assertion but in another breath echo the very theology underlying why Loritts believes it is acceptable to approach the matter as he does. I am not sure all of the causes for such duplicity in some notable men, particularly when it is rather obvious, it might involve ego-investment, but this paper is not about this so I will save the why’s in their case for another day.
Excellent.  I have been trying to say much the same thing.

read more at The Pedestrian Christian

UPDATE:  Alex Guggenheim has the rest of his series up, definitely worth reading.  I do wish he could find "shorter" words to express some concepts (smile), as I think many people will read those things and feel their eyes glaze over.  This is not at all meant to be critical of Alex's writing or content.  I am at a loss however as to how else it could be written.

Part 1 is also linked above

Part 2
Our Identification is Spiritual and Based Solely in Christ
And as we saw in the earlier Ephesians passage God is telling us, through Paul, that no such thing exists now, in the body of Christ. There are no human properties such as genetic or geographic ones regarding how we, the people of God, seek to identify and establish God’s objectives because these objectives are spiritual ones. But more specifically, these church age objectives have nothing to do with resolving social issues between various races; this has to do with spiritual reconciliation with God.

Part 3-4
But understand, simply because you experience spiritual fellowship or camaraderie with someone does not imply or assume that you will or should be socially compatible. Yes, it might help some with your socializing. Obviously as we grow spiritually there are by-products which might change our social interests and align them more with someone else with whom you are not very socially compatible, but these are anecdotal or incidental by-products and not demanded to be so in Scripture. We are only required to have spiritual camaraderie and this is possible because it is done exclusively in, around and through Christ. When we add human elements such as race, ethnicity or culture to the biblical structure or design we again, adulterate God’s plan and injure others by implying, in the least, that a believer must possess something more than a spiritual property in order to engage in the greatest degree of spiritual intimacy with his brother or sister in the Lord.

Part 5
Racial narcissism - this is an over-estimation, over-valuing and over-application of one’s genetic properties and/or expressions. Racial narcissism can result in “racism” but not necessarily so, though it is still dysfunctional with regard to reality. Racial narcissism views racial properties as being so special and proprietary that one believes their race to have distinctive experiences which others racial groups cannot. Unlike racism where inherent superiority is being argued, racial narcissism is a bit more subdued and does not view one’s race as inherently superior, rather that their genes produce a class of human who has so distinguished a personal constitution that it results in proprietary experiences which others simply cannot have or understand. As a result they accept the false and narcissistic premise about their race which is that their racial reference, in and of itself, must be given special attention and deference.

This is not genuine racism, rather racial narcissism. And because of this, racism itself must be understood. There are many bad definitions of racism which indiscriminately and wrongly include any form of racial prejudice.
Very thought provoking and helpful articles, Alex, thank you.