February 3, 2012

The jaw droppingly racist comments of Bryan Loritts, Charles Jenkins, Eric Mason, and James Macdonald - Voddie Baucham and James White respond, and various other ER2 links

This video has been out for a few days, but every time I see it I am just aghast at the horribly racist attitudes displayed throughout by Loritts, Jenkins, and Mason, and by nodding his approval, James Macdonald.

Post-Elephant Room Interview, Part 1 
(note added May 20 2014, I think they've now moved the video here http://vimeo.com/35909605 And made it private.

There is a partial transcript available at Sola Sisters here:
James Macdonald Plays The Race Card

This is what the page used to look like (courtesy of archive.org)

Clicking on the video takes you to a warning that it's now been made private on vimeo.  It used to also be here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljH6FdcQQOA

Yeah.  Way to hide guys. Ashamed of something? end of note added May 20, 2014)

(I watched it several times and many others have commented on it including
 Voddie Baucham

and Phil Johnson)

My brief review of the video:

That kid's adorable.

I know I should go through the interview and pick it apart.  But seriously, I am so weary of that tired old worn out race card, I have to wonder if it is worth the bother.  When people play this card, it's just about as good as The Pharisee Card, down to the last detail.  They display they have no Scriptural defense, and have essentially made their opponent's case for them.

James Macdonald makes noises right off the bat about being 'humbled.' It must be true, because hey, he said so, and apparently we need to be reminded that he's been humbled.   So we therefore know that he is speaking and acting not out of pride but out of humility.  Because, as he said, he has been humbled.

He went on to say that the guys were free to criticize if they felt the need.  Like that was really going to happen.  After all, James has already been humbled, so what more need is there to criticize?

All of them during this interview participate in this racism and playing of the Pharisee Card. I also found it particularly funny that Mason brought up the thing about some guy being denied entrance to a seminary because of his skin color. Well they wouldn't know anything about denying entry to someone purely because they are different, would they?

Loritts' assertion that dark skinned pastors are criticizing strongly because they want to suck up to whitey is outright abominable and he ought to be ashamed of himself.  Where did that toxic idea come from?  In fact if I was inclined to be racist I would suggest that that very thing is exactly what is going on in the video.  But I don't think it has anything do do with race, really.  It has to do with currying favor with ANYONE who is popular.

Crawford Loritts already played the race card last week when he gave this interview to the Christian Post
Reformed Crowd Asked to Repent for Attacking TD Jakes and it looks like he has given his son the same poisonous drink he has imbibed.

In response, Voddie Baucham has accused the defenders of ER2 of a cult of Ethnic Gnosticism.  You can read /listen at the links on this page from Better Than Sacrifice:

Do Not Be Surprised has collected various links having to do with the ER2 fallout and put them here:
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Very convenient!  Thank you!  Some excellent articles there to get people up to speed.