February 12, 2012

James Macdonald at it again -- Tweeting criticism at Twitter critics.


Pot, meet kettle.  Oh and look at that, he's going to block anyone who dares violate his unscriptural New Law.


He hasn't heard the part about public teaching requiring a public response, apparently.  He's a bit behind the times, but that's what comes of being seduced by Mistress Relevance and leaving your professed First Love. He's continuing to just regurgitate the same old "judge not lest ye be judged" beginner's level of negligent scripture twisting.  That particular misunderstanding of scripture has been debunked over and over, NOT JUST by twitter critics.

"Love" is completely redefined these days to mean "communicated it in a way that I RECEIVE in my heart otherwise it's not love."  In which case most of, say, the church fathers and early Christians preached without love much of the time.