February 12, 2012

Defectors from the Harvest Bible Fellowship (praise the Lord!)

A Harvest Bible Church in Detroit has jumped off the Harvest Bible Fellowship.  They don't seem willing to limit it only to the T D Jakes incident, indicated by the plural "men" in the following paragraph:

Quoting from "Concerning Our Disassociation With Harvest Bible Fellowship" (bold emphasis added by me)
However, it is with great sadness that our elders have unanimously decided to part ways with Harvest Bible Fellowship. This is not due to any change in our church’s position, but due to what we believe is a change in the Fellowship’s direction. James MacDonald seems insistent in pushing boundaries in the area of associations with men whose ministry philosophy, practice, and even theology we can’t endorse. As a member of HBF, our desire was for good, consistent, conservative leadership from HBF. When we became a member of HBF five years ago this is what we received and this is what we could wholeheartedly endorse; however, in our estimation that has changed. We have been surprised by significant decisions made by James MacDonald (and supported by HBF), resulting in our trust being shaken regarding their guidance as well as future direction as a movement of churches. Despite several personal conversations with HBF leadership, our concerns have not been assuaged.
So how does this gel with James Macdonald's insistence (wrong headed though it is) that you have to go to him privately?  (alternate source)It doesn't sound as though he listens then, either.  Well, I guess maybe they didn't do it sweetly enough so that Macdonald would be able to recognize his unbiblical definition of love.

Thank you pastors, for taking a stand. I pray you will not back down in the face of the flak you are sure to get.  May the Lord grant you continuing courage.