January 25, 2012

There's more to James Macdonald's resignation than meets the eye

Apprising has a piece of email that details more about why James Macdonald left TGC

I found this bit interesting:
They were asking that he "pull the plug" on Bishop Jakes coming to the Elephant Room (ER) conference. Their reasons are rooted in weak evidence of Jakes' current doctrine and infighting among the black members of the Gospel Coalition who have deep seeded resentments. Crawford Loritts is the black pastor who spoke at James' 50th birthday and is also a council member of the Gospel Coalition. Crawford is participating in this ER conference because he believes in what James is doing and has stepped forward to help. All that to say, not even Gospel Coalition members are unanimous in the opposition, but certain influential men have rallied to pressure James to cancel Bishop Jakes.

Now, are they going to do anything about Crawford Loritts? What about the others who think James is on the right track? TGC needs to man up and take a stand. Choose ye this day whom you will serve. This pussyfooting around with heresy is doing nothing for their original cause of the clarity of the gospel NOR for the idea of how Christians ought to handle disagreement. We don't sit around and let our group get used to promote heresy and error without saying anything until the straying person is so far gone as to be closing the barn door (very quietly and politely) long after the horse escapes.
After prayer and counsel with other Christian Leaders and some of our Elders, James believes it is best to simply resign from the Gospel Coalition and continue to pursue his vision of gracious conversation, face to face, as a model for how to handle disagreement in the church.
He MUST be joking. He doesn't even want to have to have those who disagree IN THE AUDIENCE and threatens them with arrest if they dare to enter. James Macdonald is now officially a liar.