January 20, 2012

Refreshing people's memory on Rick Santorum's pro life record

Let me take a moment to talk about the pro life issue and how it comes to bear on the upcoming election. Since South Carolina Republicans can't seem to get their acts together and seem to be more interested in Gingrich beating up the media, which the media do as a whole deserve, but which Gingrich isn't qualified to do without hypocrisy, Let me refresh people's memory on how Santorum is definitely capable of pressing an issue and thinking rationally on his feet.

Rick Santorum debates Partial Birth Abortion with Barbara Boxer (1999) (video and transcript)

Please take the time to listen to this. The audio is a little fuzzy and low in volume. But there is a transcript. PLEASE take the time to consider Rick Santorum's passion and directness on this important issue. He is no slouch. He is not likely to wilt under pressure.