January 24, 2012

James Macdonald resigns from The Gospel Coalition after preaching again at Furtick's church

James Macdonald Resigns from TGC

Something very important is not being said here... in either this or the original blog post by Macdonald: It's that big elephant still sitting in the middle of the room.

I know, that's how these things are handled, and I think it creates and perpetuates the cycle of cowardly leaders, and people who have no idea how to deal with real controversy. This only makes things worse because it teaches people to stifle everything until it gets so bad that things MUST blow apart. I think it is extremely negligent.

They should not be wishing James Macdonald well in his endeavors when he is clearly going astray. They don't need to regret his leaving when he is going astray. They need to express sorrow over what caused him to leave in the first place, that is, his blatant man-centered error.

I just started listening to Macdonald's sermon at Code Orange from a few days ago... I got about 15 minutes in and I am totally appalled already. How is it that this guy was ever on The Gospel Coalition? Has he changed THAT much? Or perhaps TGC is lacking in discernment regarding its associations. Wait... I don't' want to be guilty of guilt by association now, do I? Ok forget I said anything about it.

Daniel over at Better Than Sacrifice has pointed this excellent article by Dan Phillips out to me, for further reading:
Even better than The Race Card{tm}
In a solution that solves nothing, James MacDonald has resigned from TGC leadership, as that leadership has acknowledged. In making this acknowledgement, however, they only compliment the departing brother, and make no direct reference to his hosting a heretic as a Christian leader. So that problem is unsolved.
and further down:
MacDonald doesn't want his "minor" leadership role to " to give the impression [the TGC leadership] agree with all God has called me to do."

Let me break that down for you who are keeping score at home:
God has "called" James MacDonald to do a number of things.
The TGC leadership might not agree with all of those things.
Therefore, the TGC leadership might not agree with God.
Nice, huh? They do nothing but compliment their departing heretic-promoting brother, and he responds by accusing them of sinning by not agreeing with him. Because that is the rub, right? God "called" James MacDonald to do certain things. Of this MacDonald entertains and allows no doubt. But the TGC leadership might not agree with those things. Those things that God called him to do.

Which means they don't agree with God.

So what is it when you don't agree with God? Right. Sin.

Nice, huh? And slick! You see, this way MacDonald doesn't have to answer any questions! He's completely off the hook! He doesn't have to explain featuring a heretic, his judgment, his priorities — why, now we know his priorities, according to him: he just wants to do what God tells him to do!

And who can blame him for that?

Unfortunately, much of the leadership of TGC probably can't, because at least some of them accept MacDonald's position at least in principle. God just might be mumbling and hinting and suggesting things apart from Scripture. Who can say?

And let's be very clear on this as well. Do you have a verse in your Bible saying, "And I command James MacDonald to give prominent platforms to men who deny the revealed truths of My nature and play fast and loose with Scripture on the whole"? Mine lacks that verse. This can only mean that God "called" James MacDonald directly, apart from Scripture.

So you can't judge it. See? God wasn't talking to you. He wasn't talking to me.

He was just talking to James.

This is that ugly little absolutely necessary corollary of Leaky Canoneering: adherents can play the "God told me" card and instantly get out of all criticism.
Read more at Biblical Christianity

(tangent: I'm still mystified as to why someone like, say, Dan Kimball didn't qualify to be called something like at least a Leaky Canoneer, but Ingrid Schlueter was deemed an enemy of the faith for suggesting that he is. But oh well... I guess that's all in the past. 0.o  By the way, "Leaky Cannoneer", along with "Bridger" is not found in Scripture.)