January 17, 2012

Elevation Censorship? (Agent Orange...er Code Orange "revival")

Somehow Matt Chandler's sermon was pulled from the rebroadcast of the Code Orange "revival." Many who saw the original airing seemed to think Charles Grandison Furtick was a bit tight lipped after Chandler was done.  Chandler's message just doesn't go very well with Finneyesque "new" (old) measures.  I have seen the video myself, but it ended right after Matt was done and before Furtick took the mic again, but he didn't even thank Chandler or make eye contact with him.

There are certainly some odd mixed messages being sent. First it was 'technical issues' and then it was their Motion Graphic Designer Geoff Schultz saying it was pulled because "the team wanted to focus more on Jesus"  and we all know Matt Chandler never preaches about Jesus.  (?!  I have some issues with Chandler but that is not one of them!  So Schultz is lying or has been lied to and/or he has no idea which way is up.

Then just  a bit ago I got this tweet while I forced myself to listen to Perry Noble preach about Steven.


(UPDATE - 1-26-2012  they did finally reupload Matt Chandler's sermon YAY!)

If anyone happened to catch the original airing including Furtick's intro and especially including his outtro after Matt, or even just the outtro, please let me know.  I really want to see it.

Perry Noble's whole message was about how wonderful Finney is and how bad normal church is.  It turned into a big emotional Bro-mance moment at the end and Finney er... Furtick got all his fake tears on.  Good grief, this is TBN at its worst.  But now TBN has become mainstream evangellyfishism.

What is WITH the "Code Orange" name anyway? Is Furtick releasing some virulent contagion into the church? Oh wait... silly question...

Agent Orange or Code Orange, both are very appropriate names for this rally, with the exception of Matt Chandler's message.

Ok, time for some more Tullian to clean my ears out after that horrible experience.