January 9, 2012

Christian & Missionary Alliance church members fighting back

World Net Daily reports that the C&MA church which had their property seized by the denomination is now fighting back

Battle between church, district ratchets up

WND reported earlier on the battle in which Metropolitan District Supt. Bruce Terpstra has worked through the district’s legal counsel to evict the Paramus congregation. The district has concluded that the church is dying, and so ownership of the property and all of the congregation’s assets must be turned over to the denomination.

With the congregation now left on its own to find a place to worship, it has hired a legal representative and is contesting the court decision.

Terpstra had appealed to a judge in Bergen County, N.J., who already had barred the Paramus congregation from using the church over the Christmas holidays, swearing that there were no plans for any events.

The judge did allow the members to meet in the building they built and paid for, even though Terpstra submitted a statement to the court that when he reviewed the facility Dec. 13 he found “no evidence of toys, candy, Christmas literature, or other items such as might be used with children at a Christmas gathering for their benefit.”
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