September 26, 2011

Ergun Caner comes back in style

Ergun Caner tweeted on Sept 13


Yes, I would say gratuitous PDA's are just plain inappropriate. No extra value is given for the people's appearance, which is mighty shallow of him to judge anyway. And I would say talking publicly about one's 'hot' wife (which Caner has done many times) is equally inappropriate, especially from a pulpit. But then, we wouldn't expect much better from someone like Caner. He's made a career out of speaking lasciviously about women, including his own wife. But then, so have a lot of Young Restless and Reformed guys. We've all been fed this lie about Christians and hot sex, it's about time some of these Christians figure out marriage isn't all about having the hottest most adventurous sex.

Good grief there are so many Christian figures that frequently make me embarrassed to be known as a Christian. Maranatha, Lord, come quickly.

September 24, 2011

Where did Ingrid's articles go Brannon? (UPDATED X3)

Originally posted on 9/12/11  7:37 pm

Just noticed Ingrid Schlueter's articles and bio have all disappeared off of Worldview Weekend, as well as all the google cache copies.  Just the comments are left.  Just like the David Barton articles.   That's a pretty clean sweep.   She had some great articles.  People linked to those articles. So what is going on now?  All she's doing is mostly blogging about mom stuff since Spring.  Who's pulling strings?  What is going on?  Can anyone get an answer?

UPDATE 9-14-2011  10:20 AM

Well apparently the stuff has hit the fan again.  Ingrid cannot seem to catch a break, but then when you are surrounded in your extended family and workplace with social/career climbers, user/abusers, that is not surprising.  Unfortunately the details coming out about Brannon's behavior and unforgiving nature here are such that I cannot imagine promoting him or his materials again until there is some sort of major repentance going on.  I don't know how that will look, because the web is so tangled.

Ingrid may not be perfect, but she is real.  She has suffered under a very difficult and abusive relationship  for over 40 years (so obviously it is not Tom!)  This ought to give people some grace for her.  She is finally becoming able to get out from under it, and as so often happens, the abuser is working his "magic," trying to punish her.  I can only imagine how oppressive that must be.  I have seen it so many times in alcoholic and dry drunk relationships.

September 21, 2011

God is whispering in Mark Driscoll's ear!

Wow. Just wow. Who knew Mark Driscoll was the next apostle? I thought Thomas Monson had that market cornered.


Joel Taylor has a brilliant analysis here, (I would agree up to the point where he says he enjoys Mark's ministry.   I have enjoyed some individual messages on books like 1 Peter, but on the whole, there's more to be worried about with Mark than not. It doesn't take much strychnine to ruin a good cup of coffee). And the phrase in the title is getting way overdone, thanks to Frank Turk, who has succeeded, in his campaign, in making the phrase "open letter" meaningless for the foreseeable future.  So, here it is:

5 Point Salt: An Open Letter to Mark Driscoll

September 15, 2011

Five Uninvited Guests (Cripplegate)

Five Uninvited Guests

So I’ve noticed that pretty much whenever somebody in the evangelical world negatively critiques somebody else in the evangelical world, a few bad arguments are sure to follow from folks who seem to be allergic to any sort of sharpening confrontation. Whether these arguments rear their well-worn, played-out, ugly heads in their own follow-up blog post or just in the comment threads of the original critique, we’re sure to be paid a visit from these uninvited rhetorical guests.

And here they are, and he is SO RIGHT.

The Call for Private Discussion
The Accusation of Disunity and Division
The Reverence of Form over Content
Free Pass by Association
The Pragmatic Argument

Please

to find out what he means.

I would add that the "Free Pass by Association" is exactly why we are commanded not to associate with teachers who are in error, and to separate from the divisive brother who refuses to obey concerning this directive.

September 12, 2011

Christian Research Network addresses Caryl Matrisicana's anti Reformational screeds

This just in from  Justin Edwards over at Christian Research Network

The Lordship Salvation Controversy
Where Caryl Matrisciana sends out a newsletter with an article by a lady Brenda Nickel.  Justin Edwards critiques this article.

I would also point people to Caryl's anti Reformation publications about Calvinism/Reformed Theology which I posted about HERE.

I would guess this is the same Brenda from the "Brenda's Testimony - her 14 years in Calvinism."

Caryl has some other really confused articles on the subject here:
Caryl Matrisciana's articles on Reformed Theology

Now, I will grant her that if she was stuck in a goofy place like Harold Camping's group (which claims a sort of Calvinism but doesn't of course actually live by it) or Rushdoony and Gary North's somewhat Calvinist Reconstructionist craziness, she might have a bad taste in her mouth about Calvinism.

Brad Powell at Radicalis 2010 "Leading your Congregation through Change" (blech)

Of course, this is like all the other transitioning articles, just bad all around. But I'm going to listen anyway. And anyone who wants to figure out how this stuff works ought to listen, too, with discernment.

There are three downloadable mp3's on this page. That's about the only Radicalis audio that is freely available. (They sell the DVD's or CDs at their website for $65.00, and if you really care to support this nonsense you can look that up yourself.)

The three that you can listen to here are called "leading your congregation through change." (sessions 1-3) .  The other sessions are just downloadable outlines in pdf format.  I glanced at those and everything essentially seems to boil down to "what we must do." (In case you're wondering, proper discernment of and proclaiming of law and gospel is, of course, not at the top of the list of what we must do.  In fact I don't think they're even mentioned.  If they were, that'd be a first.  Have a little more Law with your Theology of Glory, anyone? Anyone?  Going once...Going twice...)

September 8, 2011

Channel 4 WCCO exposes Erik Dykstra

Well, I guess it's not really an exposé but it's a story at least:

Elk River Church’s Practices Stirs Controversy

to read the woman's story go here
Losing Curtis? (One Mother's Journey)

Her blog has many more posts keeping the story going as it unfolds.  May the Lord protect her and her family and bring them closer to Christ.

September 6, 2011

Granger 'church' wants to remove "saved" and "born again"

Indiana Pastor: 'Saved' Should Be Removed From Church Vocabulary?
"he also has a problem with the phrase “born again.”.
No, what he really has a problem with is Jesus. I think Granger ought to remove 'Christian' and 'church' from their organization description and 'Christian' and 'pastor' from this guy's job description.