July 27, 2011

The Response is mostly Heretics. Christians should not be involved.

When I sent this out originally I had no idea someone already put The Response (Aug 6) in our church bulletin. Sigh.

Then again, we saw how many Christian people thought it was ok to participate in a spiritual venture with a prominent and charming Mormon last year. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy Glenn Beck and think he's a great guy, but not someone I would pray with or agree on almost anything spiritually. I could not lend any credibility to him in that aspect.

This is NOT a good movement that is doing The Response.  They are some of the WORST most blasphemous heretics in Christendom (Rick Joyner, Cindy Jacobs, Mick Bickle, Joel's Army, etc etc IHOP, the New Apostolic Reformation, Joel's Army) who think we have to take over the world in order for Christ to come back, and that's actually some of their milder error). Dr Dobson and other clueless Christians like David Barton and others, ought to be ashamed of themselves for yoking with these outright kooks who incorporate pagan ecstatic orgies into their worship services on a regular basis. Sure, we should be repenting.  No argument there.  But Satan is happy to give you a little truth in order to get you to swallow a bigger lie.

Michael Durham's "History of the Modern Gospel" -- good, BUT...

NOTE 3-14-2016

I have since come to realize that there are definitely problems with soft antinomianism going on in the church today. I wrote the original post here while still not seeing that problem. There certainly is a problem with hammering the law too heavily as well. But that isn't what I'm seeing in my circles at the moment.

Original post follows:

I loved the History of the Modern Gospel series that Jason told me was promoted a while back on Wretched Radio. I really didn't have much problem with it at all.  Nothing that sticks out in my mind anyway.

But... I listened to some other things of his on his youtube channel, and I came away thinking that Michael Durham's idea of sanctification really concerns me.

There's a hint of pietism in some of the things he says, where I get the impression that he might be one of those who believes real Christians don't struggle with sin. Oh yeah, maybe the 'respectable' ones... but nothing REALLY bad... My guess is that he's one of the guys who thinks the Romans 7 wretch is Paul talking about BEFORE he was converted, which makes no sense grammatically.  I don't know this for sure as I have not heard him speak on that particular passage.

July 22, 2011

Christians partnering with heretical so-called "Christians" for Pro-Life causes.

Brannon Howse posted this today:
Brannon shares how he has been told that if he continues to share from the Bible as to why it is wrong for Christians to unite with false teachers in Gov. Perry’s August 6 event, that includes Cindy Jacobs and C. Peter Wagner, that he will no longer be able to advertise his Worldview Weekend Conferences with a major pro-family organization.
I'm guessing that he's talking about Wildmon's AFA judging by the leadership list on The Response website.  I seem to remember seeing red flags with that organization a while ago along these same lines.  - update - just had it verified that it is the AFA that is threatening Brannon for alerting people to this apostasy.  They are in bed with these heretics, per The Response website, so no surprise there.

Military promotes occult spirituality treatment for PTSD

Our military is raving about this new approach to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - effectively dabbling in the occult. I guess the end justifies the means...?

Military praises 'fantastic' new post-traumatic stress therapy

I have heard military chaplains can't emphasize the exclusivity of the gospel in ministering to the men and women in their care. Which means if these men and women need forgiveness, they don't get it in the form of Christ's atoning sacrifice alone... pray for our men and women in uniform. They need the gospel!

How many of our Christian military are now using this in ignorance not knowing that it is pagan spirituality and very likely placing them in spiritual bondage?

July 21, 2011

Divided The Movie - a reasonable but incomplete conclusion - and poorly supported

I had a long post all written up, needing editing badly, but it seems Challies has already posted my thoughts.
Tim Challies' Review of Divided the Movie

In particular these paragraphs are the ones with which I sympathize:
"It is beyond dispute that young people are abandoning the church, but the heart of this problem is not youth ministry or Sunday school. The heart of the problem is that many young people are being raised in homes and in churches where the gospel is absent. They are being raised by hypocrites and are rejecting that life of hypocrisy. I see young people abandoning the church and, though I am saddened by it, I Am Unalarmed.

The Resurgence promotes Tony Campolo

Someone please tell me why Mark Driscoll's resurgence bunch is ok with Inclusivist/Universalist pro-gay Tony Campolo?


July 5, 2011

Bridgers written about in 1887

I was just listening to a great series from Real Truth Matters with Michael Durham called The History of the Modern Gospel.  (For those of you who find YouTube easier to use than Vimeo, I created a playlist here) This is so important!  A friend of ours named Ben is out giving an elective at our denomination's biannual Youth Convention this week on this very subject.  Just the other week I heard one of our denomination's missionaries tell us he's pretty sure we all get it right so he doesn't feel the need to go into that...and then proceeded to load us down with stories and quoting statistics and all the stuff we have to DO to reach the world ending up with quoting Rick Warren favorably.  (facepalm)