November 1, 2011

Surph Side weighs on in on the Evangelical Pope's gag order for Discernment Divas

Denise over at Surph's Side has made some very astute observations regarding Phil Johnson's screed against the discerning women that he doesn't like. It's a long post but worth getting through.

The Gag Order on Discerning Women Bloggers
And here MacArthur states:
“If they desire to learn anything, let them ask their own husbands at home. The implication is present in this statement that certain women were out of order in asking questions in the church service. If they desired to learn, the church was no place for them to express their questions in a disruptive way. Paul also implies, of course, that Christian husbands should be well taught in the Word. Many women are tempted to go beyond their biblical roles because of frustration with Christian men, often including their own husbands, who do not responsibly fulfill the leadership assignments God has given them. But God has established the proper order and relationship of male–female roles in the church, and they are not to be transgressed for any reason. For a woman to take on a man’s role because he has neglected it merely compounds the problem. It is not possible for a woman to substitute for a man in such things. God often has led women to do work that men have refused to do, but He does not lead them to accomplish that work through roles He has restricted to men.

There are times in informal meetings and Bible studies where it is entirely proper for men and women to share equally in exchanging questions and insights. But when the church comes together as a body to worship God, His standards are clear: the role of leadership is reserved for men.”
~ Source

Again, the Internet is not the local church. There's no disruption of a church service by questions, because the Internet is not the church.
And then she made a great, newer post about not giving a false teacher a microphone or platform:

Don't Even Greet The False Teacher, Much Less Give Him A Microphone

To give air time, discussion time, a pulpit, an audience, a microphone to a false teacher is to violate the above passage. Its mutiny against the King of kings.

Instead of aiding and abetting a false teacher "and let the viewer decide", Christians are to expose their error and reject the man without defending him, giving him a wide birth, giving him time to manipulate and teach others.

I agree totally. This ought to be practiced far more frequently than it is. Interestingly now, the defense for people like John Piper inviting Warren to Desiring God and James Macdonald inviting Jakes to the Elephant Room, is often that "it isn't a church service."

Yet somehow, the internet is subject to the rules of order for church, with regard to women, but a Christian conference is NOT with regard to heretics and false teachers and even brothers in deep error?

How backward is that?