October 6, 2011

World Magazine author misses the Elephant in the Room

Seriously... this has to be the worst case of "missing the point" EVER regarding the Elephant Room situation:

Excuse me, but, who cares about skin color? This was the FURTHEST thing from my mind. Why is it ok to make this about skin color? Why did World Mag publish this?

This author at Worldmag is entirely missing the point. He should not be using such a poorly reasoned weak argument to criticize Macdonald. A friend of mine commented:
“it is racist to assume that any controversy or issue involving a black person, is caused by racism. It is as if the person making the claim is saying; “I can’t help noticing you’re black. All this must be happening because of that.””
The problem with using such a weak argument against someone like this: THIS is the one that Macdonald will now focus on, because he’s unable to defend the other.

Stick to the main issue! Don’t use a weak argument,  Because THAT is the one that your opponent will shoot down and make you look stupid.  We have an elephant in the room and he's complaining about the color of the sofa not quite matching the carpet. No one should care about the color issues.

It is also possible he will even concede that point and fix THAT problem and you will still be left with the main problem... and you will look stupid and HE will look magnanimous and ‘teachable’ to those who are unfamiliar with logical argumentation.

Btw, I didn’t notice until AFTER I read the article that the author was black. ha.

Team Pyro had an EXCELLENT open letter posted by Tom Chantry which really was convicting.

I heartily recommend it. If Macdonald is not convicted by that, I think that's a sign that he's going to have to wander alone for a while. It will be obvious to me that he is out in la la land and will have to suffer in the wilderness until the Lord brings him to repentance.  That article was spot-on.

Also, Maybe Voddie or Thabiti could weigh in on this?  I'd be willing to bet that the author's point didn't cross their minds either.

AAAAGH The whole world is going crazy.