October 6, 2011

Rick Warren applauds James Macdonald for courting heresy

Well, should anyone be surprised...

A Tweet Rick Warren will Regret


Rick Warren 
Proud of . It takes COURAGE to build bridges of understanding. Anyone can build walls. 
19 hours ago via web 

Curiouser and Curiouser....

Rick Warren's purpose driven ecumenicism finally should be waking SOME sleeping people up. I wonder if someone, ANYONE, would have gotten in trouble just last year for calling James Macdonald a bridger/bridge builder? The world will never know...

Anyone can build walls...Yep, just like Nehemiah.  Building walls... wasn't that a good thing?

To quote my husband:
It takes understanding to build safe bridges. It takes wisdom to know when walls are needed for protection.

John Piper pronounced this man "orthodox, Biblical, and sound." Will he have any rebuke for his new best bud? Stay tuned...