October 3, 2011

Mac Hammond links up with Michele Bachmann

Tevlin: Bachmann-Hammond: Just the ticket for our times

Not.  Have not been impressed with some of her association decisions.  Perhaps she wasn't catechized very well in her WELS church.  Sad.  Why is it usually the Christians with little to no discernment who get into politics?  (Well, maybe that's exactly why they get involved...)

As far as Bachmann hooking her wagon to Mac Hammond, or vice versa if you wish, I remember attending there when I was young and 'open minded' because my sister went there. There was at least once they had one of the Browne family in to conduct a 'laughing revival.'   I did attend one of those services.  (No, didn't get overcome with uncontrollable laughter, BUMMER!).  From what I recall, they do their 'carpet time' on a regular basis too, at least during the week. Unbeknownst to me my sister, having had my daughter over for the weekend, made my oldest, then-pre-K-age daughter go up and get 'slain in the spirit' despite her fearful protests. My daughter told me years after the fact (not realizing it had been wrong for my sister to do that) and I was annoyed but, knowing what I know now, the news didn't surprise me.

On several other occasions our family went with my sister. On one particular occasion, my oldest daughter and my other daughter who was still a baby, probably 1 to 2 years old. (can't remember exactly).  We were sitting in the middle of one of those long rows because there wasn't any other place to sit.  The baby was not fussing but was occasionally making happy baby noises.  Not terribly loudly, especially in a place that large.

The ushers came to the end of my row, pointed very strongly down at me and in an aggressive stage whisper said/hissed "GET THAT BABY OUT OF HERE!"  (No, it was not "can you please take your baby out to the cry room? We feel she's disturbing others.") It was almost like they thought we were behaving like hecklers.

So in embarrassment I had to go off into a cry room for a baby who wasn't crying, lest I disturb anyone from paying attention to the precious word of Mac.  Why don't they just create a 'women's court' for their temple and segregate us all preemptively?

So, most of those places that focus on the 'experience' are just like Steven Furtick and Perry Noble. Get the kids outta here, they're a nuisance, they don't belong.  So glad I'm not in one of those places.

Obviously, it's for the best, for the kids anyway to get them out of that place.

On a side note, some interesting contradictory claims in these two articles:

Mac Hammond’s Living Word Christian Center facing foreclosure
Monday, August 23, 2010 at 1:15 pm

Hammond's church denies it despite screen captures to the opposite effect:
Mac Hammond's church denies foreclosure issues
Tue., Aug. 24 2010 at 12:41 PM