October 16, 2011

Jay Adams (Nouthetic.org) doesn't seem to like Gospel Sanctification

NOTE 3-14-2016

I have since come to realize that there are definitely problems with soft antinomianism going on in the church today.  I wrote the original post here while still not seeing that problem. There certainly is a problem with hammering the law too heavily as well. But that isn't what I'm seeing in my circles at the moment.

Original post follows:

Contrast this
White Horse Inn - Give Them Grace
"Is sound theology only for people who have their act together? How is the gospel of free justification relevant to people who struggle with utterly broken lives? Michael Horton discusses this issue with Elyse Fitzpatrick, coauthor of Counsel from the Cross: Connecting Broken People to the Love of Christ."

(The audio seems broken at the moment, but try this one, it works currently
White Horse Inn - Give Them Grace (on OnePlace))

Contrast the above with the articles from Nouthetic.org on "Gospel Sanctification" (referred to in one of the articles as "Gospel Sanctification propaganda" which some of the "big guns" are promoting.

Nouthetic.org's category of posts for "Gospel Sanctification"

I quote from Jay Adams on "Preaching The Gospel To Yourself"
Such ideas as going deeper into the Gospel and that the Gospel is the means of sanctification, all bundled up together with a half dozen other such statements can be found—not in some backward-thinking, offbeat fundamentalist weirdo church—but in the preaching and writings of a number of big guns as well!
I mean you would EXPECT only some backward-thinking, offbeat fundamentalist weirdo church to be gospel centric right?  Yeah.   Like Westboro Baptist!  They're all about the gospel!

Seriously, that sounds unnecessarily snide.  Some anger/superiority issues underlying, perhaps?  Huh. Interesting.  Tell me about your mother, Mr. Adams...

In light of the nouthetic.org site about "gospel sanctification propaganda" this prayer he wrote is really sad.

It makes me feel very hopeless and sad for him. And yes, you can say "boy, how dare she criticize a well known Christian counselor who is many years older than her."  Well, it's never stopped me before.  I have trouble feeling Christian respect for Christians who look down their noses at other Christians who want to focus on Christ rather than themselves.  Call me quirky...

Someone, while listening to the White Horse Inn episode above, with Elyse Fitzpatrick, asked "is she saying the gospel doesn't solve all our problems?"

I said "the gospel doesn't solve all our problems.  It solves our main problem - that of being condemned for all our other problems."

And as far as our other problems go, this quote by William Romaine addresses it:

”There can be neither a true motive nor an energizing power to “be holy as he is holy” until the conscience is set free by totally accepting the satisfaction to the law Christ rendered in our place—as our substitute.”

There is therefore now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus! Until your conscience is free, really free, you will always labor under the idea that "if you don't, something bad will happen."  That is a law/fear based motive, not motivated by the Spirit.  We will always struggle with this, and without constant reminders of grace, the believer will stray  back into thinking they are justified by their own working.  How anyone can read Romans and Hebrews and come away thinking they are justified by their own effort, even partially, is beyond me.  (In saying this I am not promoting 'quietism'  or antinomianism.)

Another excellent one on this is here
White Horse Inn - The New Covenant

I've probably listened to less than a handful of their weekly episodes in the last 6 years that I thought Meh... not that good. The rest have always been superb.

‎(but. [quietly].. that's why when Horton sidled up to Rick Warren I was greatly concerned at how generous he was to that wolf... I couldn't believe he didn't see how dangerous that was, considering the clear law and gospel teaching WHI promotes. I guess everyone has a blind spot!)

I hope I am not going to make anyone mad, again.  Oh well, if you have to be mad at someone, it may as well be me. I don't mind.  :-)