October 8, 2011

James Macdonald apologizes, sorta

Humble Pie- A Hearty Meal (his title)

Something still not right about this. He's actually acknowledging the main point of that really stupid article from World Mag about the racism inherent in Macdonald's decision to invite Jakes. As if that was even part of the issue. And...his clarity was not the issue either. This strikes me as a dodge. It seems to me he still doesn't get it. I hope I am wrong.

Will he challenge T D Jakes then since he realizes he's a heretic now? He never took back any of the fudging he did regarding modalism or his inability to recognize it in Jakes. He only took back his lashing out at the critics. The lashing out was a symptom of the original problem, which has still not been dealt with decisively. The constantly changing stories here do not speak well of his wisdom in leadership. He sounds like he's going off half cocked on many decisions. First the elephant room was about Christians getting together and talking about... etc, and it was bad enough that he invited Furtick and Noble to that and exchanged pulpits with Furtick! Now that we decided to invite a more obvious heretic and got called on it, now well, we'll change the description to match our decision. It is really not confidence inspiring to have someone apologize for / repent for everything BUT the core issue. I know I have done the same to some people, and I am sure it bothers them, but that only underscores my point - the core issue is the thing on which we disagree.