October 11, 2011

Mormonism in the news again

Becki over at Latter Day Saint Woman posts this great reminder:

The Gift of Eternal Life is Truly a Gift! You Can’t Earn or Qualify for it through Obedience

I posted this comment which I figured I should turn into a blog post (with a few links added at the end):


It has been interesting to see the kerfuffle that Romney’s candidacy has caused yet again. So many Christians are unwilling to call a spade a spade, so that their political chances are not damaged. Herman Cain has been honest at least by refusing to answer the question.

I found this quote from Legrand Richards interesting:
“One erroneous teaching of many Christian churches is: by faith alone we are saved. This false doctrine would relieve man from the responsibility of his acts other than to confess a belief in God, and would teach man that no matter how great the sin, a confession would bring him complete forgiveness and salvation. What the world needs is more preaching of the necessity of abstaining from sin and living useful and righteous lives and less preaching of forgiveness of sin. This would then be a different world. The truth is that men must repent of their sins and forsake them before they can expect forgiveness. Even when our sins are forgiven, God cannot reward us for the good we have not done.”
(A Marvelous Work And A Wonder, p 25-26)

Most of this quote would probably fly right under most Evangelicals’ radar. But I would say a good percentage of them would, at least formally, find problems with the idea that we need less preaching of the forgiveness of sin.

HOWEVER — by preaching law and moralism constantly from the pulpit and only occasionally talking about free forgiveness, they are actually DOING what Legrand Richards instructs. It is no wonder they can’t tell the difference between the LDS message and the Christian message of which you so wonderfully remind us in this post.


Some good 'intro to witnessing to Mormons' videos that I found helpful:
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