October 1, 2011

American Family Association threatens other radio hosts over Brannon

American Family Association Targets Radio Hosts Over Association With Critic

While AFA's actions are shameful, it's foolhardy of Brannon to be throwing rocks from his glass house.  One commenter notes:

Brannon Needs to Clean Up His Own Speakers List
Brannon's been attacking The Response without mercy because so and so has spoken with this NAR person at their event or endorsed it. So why is HIS Worldview Weekend Speaker, Jimmy DeYoung, speaking at an NAR church in November in Wisconsin with a pastor who calls himself an "Apostle?" Why does Brannon use Jan Markell to speak for him when she endorsed the Day of Prayer for Jerusalem along with NAR Queen, Cindy Jacobs? Why is Marty Goetz singing for Brannon's conferences when he appeared on stage with the same Cindy Jacobs last fall and is appearing with Don Finto, an NAR guy that Brannon has already fingered publicly? Then there's Erwin Lutzer, Brannon's other big speaker, who appeared for THREE DAYS with James Robison, someone Brannon has fingered as a bad guy on his radio show.

Either clean up your own act, Brannon, or stop ranting about others and their affiliations. Otherwise it's just more hypocrisy.

Hmmm...  Curiouser and curiouser...  I would assume  that this particular speaker list must be public knowledge.  I will be doing some research to verify as I get some time...