October 30, 2011

Wow! Harold Camping Repents!

Some good news for a change:

Family Radio Founder Harold Camping Repents, Apologizes for False Teachings

With his speech sounding somewhat slurred and labored, Family Radio Stations Inc. founder and chairman Harold Camping sought to address in a recent message why Christ failed to return on Oct. 21 as the Bible teacher had predicted. Camping confessed, after decades of falsely misleading his followers, that he was wrong and regrets his misdeeds.

read more at Christian Post

October 25, 2011

The Monstrous Regiment of Passive Aggressive Girly-Men

Phil Johnson has whined about women:
The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Discernment Divas

I knew we should never have taught women how to read... (thank diva Marusha for that line)

Good grief, this is rich, comparing female discernment bloggers to  queens like Bloody Mary. Hyperbolize much Phil? Use inflammatory, snippy, insulting language much Phil?

The part about women begins at about 25:00.

October 16, 2011

Jay Adams (Nouthetic.org) doesn't seem to like Gospel Sanctification

NOTE 3-14-2016

I have since come to realize that there are definitely problems with soft antinomianism going on in the church today.  I wrote the original post here while still not seeing that problem. There certainly is a problem with hammering the law too heavily as well. But that isn't what I'm seeing in my circles at the moment.

Original post follows:

Contrast this
White Horse Inn - Give Them Grace
"Is sound theology only for people who have their act together? How is the gospel of free justification relevant to people who struggle with utterly broken lives? Michael Horton discusses this issue with Elyse Fitzpatrick, coauthor of Counsel from the Cross: Connecting Broken People to the Love of Christ."

(The audio seems broken at the moment, but try this one, it works currently
White Horse Inn - Give Them Grace (on OnePlace))

Contrast the above with the articles from Nouthetic.org on "Gospel Sanctification" (referred to in one of the articles as "Gospel Sanctification propaganda" which some of the "big guns" are promoting.

Nouthetic.org's category of posts for "Gospel Sanctification"

I quote from Jay Adams on "Preaching The Gospel To Yourself"
Such ideas as going deeper into the Gospel and that the Gospel is the means of sanctification, all bundled up together with a half dozen other such statements can be found—not in some backward-thinking, offbeat fundamentalist weirdo church—but in the preaching and writings of a number of big guns as well!
I mean you would EXPECT only some backward-thinking, offbeat fundamentalist weirdo church to be gospel centric right?  Yeah.   Like Westboro Baptist!  They're all about the gospel!

October 13, 2011

Secondary Separation - an article by Daniel Chew

In light of the rampant confusion on this issue, which has caused some pretty big blowups over the last couple years.  It is extremely ironic that it ends up separating friends, usually because the ones who don't actually hold to 'secondary separation' end up publicly attacking those who do and who go about trying to make a Biblical case for it.  So in light of the recent events in Chicago and James Macdonald's agenda with the Elephant Room, it might be good to return to a great article written by Daniel Chew about a year and a half ago.

Piper, Warren and the Doctrine of Separation
I have previously written an article on the doctrine of separation, which is indeed commanded biblically as per 2 Jn. 9-11. Those who refuse to separate from heretics are reckoned as being partakers of their evil deeds. As I have said on the issue of secondary separation:

October 12, 2011

"10 Years Later, Frank Turk Gets a Clue."

That title was quipped by a MALE Systematic theology high school prof. So it wasn't the mean nasty WOMAN blogger that thought it up.

I was originally going to title it "Frank Turk begins to doubt Rick Warren" but this guy's idea is far superior.  I hope he won't mind me swiping it. (smile) Thanks man, you're brilliant.

Anyway, Frank Turk posted this morning:
An Open Letter to Chris Rosebrough

Another friend (yes, this time a woman, for shame!) said, with the implication that because Frank has pronounced it so: "Rick Warren is officially aberrant now."

So this kind of behavior from Warren/Macdonald is a new revelation to him? These guys and all their fawning followers, who are the first to play the pharisee card if you should question their beloved leaders, have been doing this for as long as I have been watching, at least 7 years.

October 11, 2011

Matt Chandler, Calvinist Mystic, doesn't believe in Sola Scriptura? (UPDATED)

originally published 11-20-10 11:10 PM - updated today:

The first video here by Bob Hamp, entitled "Hearing from God"
is about 'hearing' directly from God (contemplative prayer) and receiving personal instructions from God and participating in automatic writing - is about him and "his friend" Matt Chandler. Yes, as much as I have loved some of his messages, it seems he is a mystic and as such does not believe in Sola Scriptura. He never names Matt, but Matt has his version of the story here:


The story is dated from 2003. If Matt no longer believes we should hear directly from God, and has returned to Sola Scriptura, then why is this story still up?

Mormonism in the news again

Becki over at Latter Day Saint Woman posts this great reminder:

The Gift of Eternal Life is Truly a Gift! You Can’t Earn or Qualify for it through Obedience

I posted this comment which I figured I should turn into a blog post (with a few links added at the end):


It has been interesting to see the kerfuffle that Romney’s candidacy has caused yet again. So many Christians are unwilling to call a spade a spade, so that their political chances are not damaged. Herman Cain has been honest at least by refusing to answer the question.

October 8, 2011

James Macdonald apologizes, sorta

Humble Pie- A Hearty Meal (his title)

Something still not right about this. He's actually acknowledging the main point of that really stupid article from World Mag about the racism inherent in Macdonald's decision to invite Jakes. As if that was even part of the issue. And...his clarity was not the issue either. This strikes me as a dodge. It seems to me he still doesn't get it. I hope I am wrong.

October 7, 2011

Ingrid responds to Brannon's statement

Ingrid has withdrawn the post out of discouragement at being ignored in her call to repentance from Brannon and Vic. I can hardly blame her.  Being let down and lied about by people who are very important in your life can really feel like a kick in the teeth.  I felt it was important for those seeking the truth to know the dynamics of what was going on so it is remaining up here, since Brannon is now claiming that people are posting 'lies' about him, when actually he is the one lying.

original source link was:

*Note 10/9/11: This post was put up in direct response to Brannon's Facebook statement and the confusion generated by what he is telling others in private emails when questioned about the disappearance of my work from his website. I am publicly calling on Brannon to resolve this matter in a way that would set an example for other believers who are witnessing a total disinterest in reconciliation on the part of believers they once admired. My request for a resolution of this matter in Christian love was discarded two weeks ago, but I repeat my offer to talk with Brannon, involving pastoral help if needed to fix this. What we say about God when we refuse reconciliation is that He is impotent and that His Word is a lie.*

Brannon explains why he removed Ingrid's posts

Ok so in light of the Wretched announcement about parting ways with Brannon, people were ripping Wretched up one side and down another for their betrayal of a friend.  I made several comments to the effect that Brannon is not innocent of the same charge and asked people to try and figure out where Ingrid Schlueter's articles went.  It seems he's gotten some emails because yesterday he posted this:
‎"Several weeks ago,Worldview Weekend quietly pulled the articles of a long-standing columnist. We did so for a few reasons that include our objection to how this individual was publicly handling a private dispute with another Christian. No one asked us or pressured us to pull this individual's columns. We desired to keep this issue private in order to preserve this individual's testimony for future ministry. However, this individual and a couple of their friends have taken this issue public because they disagree with our decision. Some of the friends of this individual have now gone to facebook pages stating that someone pressured us to pull this columnist and making other comments that fall into the category of bearing false witness. We have asked them to stop bearing false witness but it still continues. Due to several e-mails about this from different individuals it has forced us to put out this statement . Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We need your prayers more than ever as it seems that a day does not go by without a spiritual attack." ~Brannon Howse
Source link

Alternate source link

Ok, point by point:
"We did so for a few reasons that include our objection to how this individual was publicly handling a private dispute with another Christian."

October 6, 2011

Rick Warren applauds James Macdonald for courting heresy

Well, should anyone be surprised...

A Tweet Rick Warren will Regret


Rick Warren 
Proud of . It takes COURAGE to build bridges of understanding. Anyone can build walls. 
19 hours ago via web 

Curiouser and Curiouser....

World Magazine author misses the Elephant in the Room

Seriously... this has to be the worst case of "missing the point" EVER regarding the Elephant Room situation:

Excuse me, but, who cares about skin color? This was the FURTHEST thing from my mind. Why is it ok to make this about skin color? Why did World Mag publish this?

This author at Worldmag is entirely missing the point. He should not be using such a poorly reasoned weak argument to criticize Macdonald. A friend of mine commented:
“it is racist to assume that any controversy or issue involving a black person, is caused by racism. It is as if the person making the claim is saying; “I can’t help noticing you’re black. All this must be happening because of that.””
The problem with using such a weak argument against someone like this: THIS is the one that Macdonald will now focus on, because he’s unable to defend the other.

October 5, 2011

A picture says a thousand words...

Joel Osteen recently appeared with Piers Morgan on CNN:


MORGAN: Could you -- could you in your position actually actively encourage people to go through a same-sex marriage? Could you be seen to do -- could you be photographed at such an event?

J. OLSTEEN: Well, I would not...

MORGAN: Would that cause you problems.

J. OLSTEEN: Well, you know, there's -- it's such a hypothetical and I'm talking about...

MORGAN: Well, not really because you said lots of gay people go to your church so it might happen.

J. OLSTEEN: Well, I haven't been to many weddings lately to begin with and I'm talking about somebody that was, you know, dear to us. I'm not going to disrespect somebody that's dear to us and say, you know what, you're not good enough for us or something like that. That's the way that I would see it. Now, I'm not going to just run off and go attend, you know, certain marriages just to make a statement because that's not who I am and that's not what I stand for and, again, I don't look down on those people.

Although Joel did not directly answer the photograph question, the implication remains that apparently to the public, a picture really DOES say a thousand words about someone's associations and endorsements. Or at least, he seems to believe it says more than these words here on the page at CNN do. You can hem and haw verbally about gay marriage on national television, but hey, if we get a photograph at a gay wedding...

It's reality, folks... that's how messages are sent in today's society. Deal with it. I remember hearing a story about a particular prominent evangelical who refused to hug a female fan because of the chance someone could snap a picture. The reason was something along the lines of "one bad photo can really damage a ministry." (I can't verify who it was or the exact words, but if someone has an idea or source please let me know.)

Just an interesting note, the phrase "you know" appears about 141 times in the Joel Osteen section. Most of them are from Joel not as the proper subject and predicate of a sentence. Morgan says it about 15 of those times and in at least several of those, it is used as a normal subject and predicate. In the entire rest of the show it is used 7 times. It's really sad when a pastor speaks with the cadence and authority of a teenage girl.

Fixing The Indemnity (Carl Trueman)

Fixing the Indemnity

Carl Trueman has also weighed in on the Elephant Room controversy with some brilliant observations:
"One preliminary note, however, relates to the appeal not of Jakes but of the Furticks, Nobles and those who apparently like to be seen with them. To be blunt: why so much noise about Jakes when Furtick and Noble have already apparently been established in this Elephant Room circle for some time? Frankly, they hardly seem any closer to Paul's description of what an elder or overseer should be than the Bishop. Why all the hoohah and handwringing now about TD? Is it just because he is more notorious and thus harder to hide from public view? Are Furtick and Noble less well known and thus easier to ignore? Surely it is the same horse, just a different jockey, as one former colleague of mine used to say? Are people really surprised that someone comfortable with Furtick has no problem with Jakes? If they are, they should give me a call: I could do them a really good deal on the Brooklyn Bridge."

October 4, 2011

Mark Dever no longer speaking at the Elephant Room?

Speaker #3 – Mark Dever | The Elephant Room 

Now, is that secondary separation?  NO it is separation from a disobedient and divisive brother.

(Just let me set my stopwatch running here until the first accusatory article comes out "that's guilt by association!"  "secondary separation"!  "we'll all be separated from EVERYONE then!" yadda yadda.)

Let's hope it's not some kind of computer glitch or website error and that we can continue to rejoice that Mark Dever understands Biblical separation.  James Macdonald's blog still links to 9Marks ministries.

October 3, 2011

Mac Hammond links up with Michele Bachmann

Tevlin: Bachmann-Hammond: Just the ticket for our times

Not.  Have not been impressed with some of her association decisions.  Perhaps she wasn't catechized very well in her WELS church.  Sad.  Why is it usually the Christians with little to no discernment who get into politics?  (Well, maybe that's exactly why they get involved...)

As far as Bachmann hooking her wagon to Mac Hammond, or vice versa if you wish, I remember attending there when I was young and 'open minded' because my sister went there. There was at least once they had one of the Browne family in to conduct a 'laughing revival.'   I did attend one of those services.  (No, didn't get overcome with uncontrollable laughter, BUMMER!).  From what I recall, they do their 'carpet time' on a regular basis too, at least during the week. Unbeknownst to me my sister, having had my daughter over for the weekend, made my oldest, then-pre-K-age daughter go up and get 'slain in the spirit' despite her fearful protests. My daughter told me years after the fact (not realizing it had been wrong for my sister to do that) and I was annoyed but, knowing what I know now, the news didn't surprise me.

October 1, 2011

Jon McNaughton, Mormon artist being portrayed as "Christian" by conservatives

A lot of politically conservative Christians are passing this guy's stuff around as "Christian" art, not realizing he's a Mormon, and so he likely thinks the Constitution is inspired.

Check out the captions for mousing over certain religious figures here (enlarge the pic first)
Via Dolorosa
Especially Mother Teresa and Joan of Arc. (and others)

He painted this also:
One Nation Under God

American Family Association threatens other radio hosts over Brannon

American Family Association Targets Radio Hosts Over Association With Critic

While AFA's actions are shameful, it's foolhardy of Brannon to be throwing rocks from his glass house.  One commenter notes:

Brannon Needs to Clean Up His Own Speakers List
Brannon's been attacking The Response without mercy because so and so has spoken with this NAR person at their event or endorsed it. So why is HIS Worldview Weekend Speaker, Jimmy DeYoung, speaking at an NAR church in November in Wisconsin with a pastor who calls himself an "Apostle?" Why does Brannon use Jan Markell to speak for him when she endorsed the Day of Prayer for Jerusalem along with NAR Queen, Cindy Jacobs? Why is Marty Goetz singing for Brannon's conferences when he appeared on stage with the same Cindy Jacobs last fall and is appearing with Don Finto, an NAR guy that Brannon has already fingered publicly? Then there's Erwin Lutzer, Brannon's other big speaker, who appeared for THREE DAYS with James Robison, someone Brannon has fingered as a bad guy on his radio show.

Either clean up your own act, Brannon, or stop ranting about others and their affiliations. Otherwise it's just more hypocrisy.

Hmmm...  Curiouser and curiouser...  I would assume  that this particular speaker list must be public knowledge.  I will be doing some research to verify as I get some time...