September 15, 2011

Five Uninvited Guests (Cripplegate)

Five Uninvited Guests

So I’ve noticed that pretty much whenever somebody in the evangelical world negatively critiques somebody else in the evangelical world, a few bad arguments are sure to follow from folks who seem to be allergic to any sort of sharpening confrontation. Whether these arguments rear their well-worn, played-out, ugly heads in their own follow-up blog post or just in the comment threads of the original critique, we’re sure to be paid a visit from these uninvited rhetorical guests.

And here they are, and he is SO RIGHT.

The Call for Private Discussion
The Accusation of Disunity and Division
The Reverence of Form over Content
Free Pass by Association
The Pragmatic Argument

Please

to find out what he means.

I would add that the "Free Pass by Association" is exactly why we are commanded not to associate with teachers who are in error, and to separate from the divisive brother who refuses to obey concerning this directive.