September 26, 2011

Ergun Caner comes back in style

Ergun Caner tweeted on Sept 13


Yes, I would say gratuitous PDA's are just plain inappropriate. No extra value is given for the people's appearance, which is mighty shallow of him to judge anyway. And I would say talking publicly about one's 'hot' wife (which Caner has done many times) is equally inappropriate, especially from a pulpit. But then, we wouldn't expect much better from someone like Caner. He's made a career out of speaking lasciviously about women, including his own wife. But then, so have a lot of Young Restless and Reformed guys. We've all been fed this lie about Christians and hot sex, it's about time some of these Christians figure out marriage isn't all about having the hottest most adventurous sex.

Good grief there are so many Christian figures that frequently make me embarrassed to be known as a Christian. Maranatha, Lord, come quickly.