September 12, 2011

Brad Powell at Radicalis 2010 "Leading your Congregation through Change" (blech)

Of course, this is like all the other transitioning articles, just bad all around. But I'm going to listen anyway. And anyone who wants to figure out how this stuff works ought to listen, too, with discernment.

There are three downloadable mp3's on this page. That's about the only Radicalis audio that is freely available. (They sell the DVD's or CDs at their website for $65.00, and if you really care to support this nonsense you can look that up yourself.)

The three that you can listen to here are called "leading your congregation through change." (sessions 1-3) .  The other sessions are just downloadable outlines in pdf format.  I glanced at those and everything essentially seems to boil down to "what we must do." (In case you're wondering, proper discernment of and proclaiming of law and gospel is, of course, not at the top of the list of what we must do.  In fact I don't think they're even mentioned.  If they were, that'd be a first.  Have a little more Law with your Theology of Glory, anyone? Anyone?  Going once...Going twice...)

I started listening to the first one and I got 5 minutes in and probably 1:45 of that was intro and prayer... so 2-3 min into the actual speaking, I'm already confused.  What on EARTH is this guy talking about? "The church is people, so for any leading of change to happen, people have to change!" (You mean people really pay this guy to say this stuff?)

The audio is really low volume, because they had clicking and popping going on for some of it, which seems to have caused their techs to keep the levels really low overall (one would think a limiter/compressor would have taken care of some of that…) So I am going to fix my copies to have more volume, so I can listen without my ear glued to my speaker.  And yeah, they are three LONG sessions, probably took the entire day at that conference.

BUT already I am just saying to myself WOW! In sheer horror at the attitude I just heard in one clip.

In session 1… which I haven't listened to much of yet, I was fixing some audio, and I happened to catch this part at 2:35:00 to 2:37:00 give or take...  about singers who don't sing well and how "wrong" it is for people to encourage them to sing in church.

WOW the immaturity and shallowness and "SUCKY" (using his terminology there) church leadership skills demonstrated RIGHT THERE and then the contrast of what he says after that is just jaw droppingly ironic.

So should be just a day brightener to actually listen to the whole thing.  It sounds like another guy repeating Dan Southerland's dross... which is just rewarmed Purpose Driven cow patties.