September 12, 2011

Christian Research Network addresses Caryl Matrisicana's anti Reformational screeds

This just in from  Justin Edwards over at Christian Research Network

The Lordship Salvation Controversy
Where Caryl Matrisciana sends out a newsletter with an article by a lady Brenda Nickel.  Justin Edwards critiques this article.

I would also point people to Caryl's anti Reformation publications about Calvinism/Reformed Theology which I posted about HERE.

I would guess this is the same Brenda from the "Brenda's Testimony - her 14 years in Calvinism."

Caryl has some other really confused articles on the subject here:
Caryl Matrisciana's articles on Reformed Theology

Now, I will grant her that if she was stuck in a goofy place like Harold Camping's group (which claims a sort of Calvinism but doesn't of course actually live by it) or Rushdoony and Gary North's somewhat Calvinist Reconstructionist craziness, she might have a bad taste in her mouth about Calvinism.