August 30, 2011

James Macdonald lashes out

James Macdonald is whining like a true theological liberal now... it's amazing what happens when you consort with and partner with theologically bad apples.!/jamesmacdonald/status/104191447959470080

WAIT WAIT! Isnt' that guilt by association?

Oh, no, that's right. That's "guilty associations" or "association of the guilty."
(added a few hours after posting): has an excellent summary of Macdonald's temper tantrum which includes a great link to EBenz blog post about this on Do Not Be surprised. - James Macdonald on Criticism

So I wonder if it is safe to say yet that "It is clear that the term “Reformed” is about as meaningless as the term “evangelical” or do we need to clear that with the Christian blogosphere police first?