August 12, 2011

Homosexuality in the Evangelical Covenant seems to be moving right along...

A friend just directed me to this blog:
Coming Out Covenant (pushing for homosexuality tolerance in the Evangelical Covenant denomination)

In 2005 years ago the Evangelical Covenant Conference director Jim Fretheim, in response to me calling the Evangelical Covenant denomination liberal, insisted that the Evangelical Covenant was actually a very conservative denomination. Just "apparently not conservative enough for YOU"... and at that very adversarial meeting, our church kicked us out for opposing Purpose Driven at our church and my calling our pastor Todd Ertsgaard on the carpet for quite a few instances of manipulative and underhanded, controlling and unethical behavior.  I was ordered to recant and apologize and never speak of our concerns again in any form (phone, email, written) and then we would be reinstated to our Music (husband and me) and Sunday School teaching (husband) positions.  Needless to say we didn't recant. [That's the extremely short version of the events.  The long version is linked at the top of each blog page.]

Ironically Todd took and read Jason's paper regarding his concerns about the church and about Purpose Driven and then went ahead and immediately taught Purpose Driven Life when he went to his new church in River Falls, WI.  Some people never learn.

At that time (2005) women were already long-accepted as pastors.  People were (and probably still are) lamenting how hard it still was to get women pastors called to a church.  At the 05 ordination ceremony, Judith McCullough gave her ridiculous message all about herself, and her vivid imagination, and about breaking the "glass ceiling" in the ECov.  I dunno about anyone else but my "cr*p detector" was going off nonstop through that one.

We did not know women were accepted as pastors when we joined in 1999, or we would not have joined.  It was one thing we specifically looked for on the website.  I guess we should have asked someone.

Also at that time I found out  that there already was a growing faction working to get the acceptance of ordaining homosexuals (especially the Pietisten bunch see Redefining the Covenant parts 1-3 by Phillip Keillor).  And according to Jim Fretheim, that's conservative?

Well this blogger Nathan Albert at "Coming out Covenant" is apparently helping push that snowball down the hill.  But hey he has a theology degree from North Park, so what can we expect, I guess.