August 30, 2011

Coming Back To The Heart Of Repentance (PM Notes)

I've been pointed by our youth pastor to this blog from a Pastor Matt Richard of the Lutheran Brethren church in Sidney MT.

The top post as of today is entitled
Coming Back To The Heart Of Repentance (Encore)
and it was excellent so I thought I would share it. I am looking forward to reading this pastor's musings!

in particular this excerpt caught my eye:
"As previously stated, people in the 16th century primarily saw sin in the context of evil actions. The neglecting of teaching sin as a condition of the heart resulted in repentance not being taught correctly. Consequently this produced false repentance or what can be called partial repentance. Without considering the ramifications of the internal heart problem, people of the 16th century resorted to believing the falsehood that all they needed to do was to polish up their external actions through tireless self-effort (i.e. external repentance) and ‘bam’ they would arrive at holiness! This kind of partial repentance only scratched the surface and did not touch the fundamental issue of sin."
Being stuck in this false understanding of repentance, a moralistic repentance, is one reason why people might get tired of hearing about repentance and the gospel every week.  Just sayin'!