July 22, 2011

Military promotes occult spirituality treatment for PTSD

Our military is raving about this new approach to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - effectively dabbling in the occult. I guess the end justifies the means...?

Military praises 'fantastic' new post-traumatic stress therapy

I have heard military chaplains can't emphasize the exclusivity of the gospel in ministering to the men and women in their care. Which means if these men and women need forgiveness, they don't get it in the form of Christ's atoning sacrifice alone... pray for our men and women in uniform. They need the gospel!

How many of our Christian military are now using this in ignorance not knowing that it is pagan spirituality and very likely placing them in spiritual bondage?

"Coping Strategies provides simple, effective, non-intrusive support, and was designed to bridge the gap between those who seek help and the silent majority who avoid the stigma." (source)

You can listen to it online for free here (WARNING - if you choose to listen, just listen critically, do not follow the meditative instructions!)

This is really creepy. I'm listening it to it now. The intro says if you stop doing this exercise every day, it says, you may fall back into your distress and never come back!? Talk about a recipe for spiritual bondage!  Yikes.

Now, into the meditation part - the meditation is classic Eastern guided imagery meditation, he is even speaking repeatedly about seeing through your forehead, which is the Third Eye

Sigh. This delusion is coming at us from every side.  Medicine, schools, churches, government...all in the name of solving 'problems.'  Pragmatism always seems to eventually drive us into the arms of Satan.