June 4, 2011

Purpose Driven Craziness (Marusha Such Was I)

A good post from my friend Marusha:

I am so distraught and almost out of my mind over the fact that Rick Warren could actually deceive so many. Including John Piper and Tullian Tchividjian. Who else is under his spell? Rick is very methodical and ‘purposeful’ in his quest to worm his way into the reformed camp. He never passes up photo opportunities with well known theologians like Michael Horton. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He has a strategy and he is very gifted and charming.

Fluky Fridays are just that: fluky. I post whatever occurs to me that week. This week is purpose driven craziness.

Why bother with this? Many have told me that we shouldn’t point out heresy, that it divides. We should just love everyone and show grace. It is immature to have a discernment ministry. Why can’t we just leave everyone alone?

As nice as the above statements seem, to follow them would be unkind, dangerous and unbiblical.


Purpose Driven Craziness