June 27, 2011

An old Ergun Michael Caner article about the Columbine Shootings

FIRST-PERSON: Walking a dry trail of tears, Columbine students shun spotlight

A friend of mine found this story he wrote in 2000, (and it is quite good) and shared it with me with these comments:

"Ergun Caner was pastoring a church in Colorado when Columbine happened. He was at the school on that day, trying to help. At that time he was E. Michael "Butch" Caner. I know he would love to add this Columbine story to his repertoire of moving stories, but he can't do that because how would he explain how he used to be Michael or Butch and now he's EAR-GOON GGGGNER? The more I think about the whole thing, the sadder it seems to me."

Hear hear.

Believe it or not, Ergun, the truth WILL set you free.

If only he'd shunned the spotlight like these students he herewith commends...so much might be different for him.

Here is another article about how he tried to share Jesus amid the chaos happening at Columbine at the time

Pastor shares Jesus in war-like scene amid students fleeing Columbine High

If this is what he did, this is commendable, and I agree, a far better story than some jinned up "I used to be a terrorist" stuff.