June 3, 2011

Facebooker takes me to task privately after taking me to task publicly

He's much holier than me, see...
Brad Johnson June 1 at 2:17pm Report
I would like to share my response to you in private and give you an opportunity to repent, before I handle this publicly (i.e. on a FB post), as not to needlessly shame the body of Christ. I hope you will not flippantly reject these words, but take them in and pray them through. Rather than find a sliver or crack of error and focusing on that, listen to the totality and weight of what's being said...

I find it interesting that you admit Rick Warren is saved, and actually consider him a pastor/teacher (but a "poor" one, in your opinion), yet your continue to sow discord and negativity in the body of Christ (which RW is a part of, like it or not). Do you not know that God loves and uses poor teachers... in fact, that's all He uses! Where John Piper has sought unity and has come along side Rick Warren to encourage him in areas of concern, you have an obvious agenda to tear down... a brother. A saved brother!! This is not love, edifying, or good in any way. You have clearly become an agent of satan and not the Holy Spirit.

Your "badge of honor" comment clarifies your motives very well... this has been all about YOU. Your efforts and time has not been to used build up the body of Christ, but to tear apart at every opportunity. You give no grace or merit to the good things RW says and does (which far exceed the questionable), nor do you concede at any point that he has refuted many accusations and assertions you have made towards him. You have apparent issues with authority and based on your demeanor I'm confident you've had these issues in multiple settings throughout your life. You are clearly a weak and selfish person, with a poor/non-existent ministry, and you have not been tended well by your husband because the rotten fruit of your heart is showing.

Like a worthless parasite, you latch onto a healthy host and find a weakness or opening with which to come in and spread infection in order to feed yourself. You thrive on it. You have chosen Rick Warren because of his widespread reach and influence, which gives you a bigger platform to work from. All you look for is weakness in the Body, and all you spread is infection. You seek to make life miserable for Rick Warren, John Piper, and those in their flocks. Where others bring a blessing, you offer a curse. You bring nothing but division and shame upon the glorious body of Christ.

The bride of Christ is not perfect or without fault, but it is still HIS chosen bride. Seek to tear apart "MikeH" all you want now, but there are scores of us other than MikeH who have repented recently because we know truth when our leader confronts us with it, and because we are filled with the Spirit. And unlike you, we are obeying Christ's call to seek unity in the body.

You may operate under the blessing of your husband, but you are not under the covering or leading of your husband or a pastor, which makes you no better than Eve who shared the fruit with Adam.

And don't flatter yourself any further by saying pastor Rick admitted his critics are right. He did no such thing. He graciously agreed to critiques that there were things he could have done better in the book, but he did not give in to those who only want to see him go down. He absolutely silenced those who questioned his orthodoxy, accused him of being vague and confusing on doctrine, and explained his approach to keeping ministry and his message simple. He gave his heart behind why he wrote PDL the way he did. As the body of Christ is made of many parts, his part is different... but not evil. He is not a heretic, and should not be treated as such.

Rick Warren is a brother being used by Christ, and Paula Coyle... you are a loud woman being used by satan. You should keep silent in the church and cease correcting men of God. I will be working to inform the body of Christ to reject you based on you continual divisiveness (Titus 3:10), giving you over to satan for the destruction of your flesh until you repent.
Paula Coyle June 3 at 8:47am
oh brother. Post away.

That's the private end of the conversation.

Speaking of it being all about me (which is not true, though like anyone else, I do have my own self centered nature to fight) I will just quote Jesus in Matthew 5:9-11

9“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sonsa of God.
10“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
11“Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. 12Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

As Mark Kielar has put it "Blessed are the peacemakers... not the peace KEEPERS."

The original rebuke came from this thread on Rick Warren's facebook page:

BLESS U! @MikeH I saw johnpiper interview u & realized I shouldnt believe all Ive read on Internet. I apologize 4 slandering u. Forgive me.

the original tweet is here
Which links back to Mike H's twitter page, where this particular tweet cannot be found.  MikeH doesn't follow Rick Warren, which leads me to wonder why Rick would be following him, in order that MikeH could have sent him a direct tweet.

pdf copy of Rick's thread (in case it vanishes)

I should clarify. I said "I don't doubt Rick is saved." I guess I should say I can't really say that for anyone else. As much as humanly possible, I guess. He knows all the right words, at least when someone puts him on the spot. But his sanctification comes off (in spite of what he said here about the Holy Spirit waiting for us to take the first step) as works-sanctification after being saved by grace. Which is exactly the little nit that Paul condemned in Galatians. I guess Paul should be warned against for being divisive over that "sliver or crack of error."