June 26, 2011

Ergun Caner Controversy Resurfaces

TV News Report in Dallas/Ft. Worth Exposes Caner - FBC Jax Parents, Don't be Fooled Again

He never has recanted/repented/admitted fault... so the story has followed him to his new place of employment.

How churches and Christian organizations can keep hiring these blatant fabricators (i.e. liars) is beyond me...

He's virulently anti-Reformed/Reformational in soteriology (hatefully so) and so besides a few Muslims pointing out his inconsistencies, some reformed people were the first Christian bunch to point out his lies.  It certainly appears that because they so hate the Reformational (i.e. Scriptural) understanding of salvation, they will not do anything to even admit that bunch could have been right.  Instead they demoted him while he kept publicly flaming his detractors for blowing this all out of proportion, twisting his words,  etc... and then after the controversy (supposedly) died down, Liberty apparently must have fired him in spite of the fact that they insist he 'never lied.' (Issuing many self contradictory, mutually exclusive statements, statements that do not correspond to the facts about himself doesn't equal lying, to them?)  Should this sort of political move be seen happening in Christian organizations, under Christian disciplinary processes?

A travesty, indeed.  This is doing a disservice to him and to themselves, more than anyone else.

"What seems to be at issue now is whether his detractors can find it ... to forgive."  Forgive?  That's just a silly statement.  No, what seems to be at issue now is whether he is ever going to admit he lied, and ASK for forgiveness, and demonstrate repentance.  And whether any Christian organization is going to care enough to not hire a public liar.