June 9, 2011

Chuck McAlister's 6 part article on transitioning the established church has moved

Had a bit of a time trying to locate this this series this morning as the URLs have changed.  Here is Chuck McAlister's series on transitioning the established church (to a Purpose Driven Model). I do not endorse this approach at all.  But provide it for educational purposes.  He refers to Dan Southerland's book Transitioning: Leading your church through change (sounds innocuous enough right?  It has a glowing foreword by Rick Warren).

Part 6 (links to the first five are on the page)

(UPDATE 1-27-2012 - the articles by McAlister have disappeared. I can't even find his name on
Pastors.com but according to this website he still does church transitioning consulting.)

Through our Church Encounter Ministry, we consult with and assist churches in understanding how they can engage and reach the unchurched of their community utilizing the various affinities that can be identified to attract the unchurched. A series of articles, written by Chuck McAlister, entitled How to Transition an Established Church, serve as the background information to guide the churches through the process of evaluating their ministries and structure to insure that optimum resources are focussed on reaching the unchurched. We also utilize the workbook, Gifted for Life’s Journey written by Chuck McAlister, to assist these churches in assimilating the new Christians they bring into their church.

UPDATE 4-1-2014 I found he has them posted on tumblr now and there are 10 parts. I don't know what all he has changed, if anything.


But he's also in the news for raffling off guns in church and I remember seeing his "Adventure Bound Outdoors" which I found rather tedious and contrived.  (And I am a hunter myself.)  *sigh* Some pastors never learn.