June 18, 2011

And God Mocked them (excerpt audio from youtube)

I realize there are questions about Rob Morey's ethical behavior (or lack thereof) circulating around the internet.  I honestly don't know what to make of those.  I have enjoyed and benefitted from the teaching that I have heard from him.

However this is one of my favorite mp3's of his (only a short bit of it here in this clip).  I ordered the full version when it was still available for mp3 download. I wish they would offer that again.  But here it is on CD:

The entire presentation is 1hr 10 minutes

Here is a list of issues with Morey from someone who seems somewhat sympathetic to his teaching:

Just sounds like he doesn't seem to be a 'pastor' type... maybe he is another one of those who can teach, but not 'pastor' -- and he doesn't know it yet? I have no idea. Pure speculation on my part. But I have seen many of those sorts.