March 9, 2011

Wayne Grudem: "Rick Warren is advancing the work of the Kingdom of God"

Good grief not another one stepping into the Rick Warren cowpie.
4:53 AW "how do you go about choosing who you want to be associated with, who you're gonna do sessions... do you wanna ... you know there's been a lot of controversy about things like that, you know, you may have seen some of the arguments about, I don't know for example 'Was Piper right to invite Rick Warren that sort of thing..."
WG "Sure"
Both laughing
AW "Is that sure he was right or sure you've seen it"
still laughing
WG "Well it's his conference. Who am I to criticize. But.. you know the other thing I thought was Rick Warren is surely advancing the work of the Kingdom of God, um, and I don't think... I don't even know if there are areas in which Rick Warren would teach things that I differ with. I don't know enough about what he believes."
AW "Well I know one thing for sure he did say , penal substitution, it was interesting Piper brought that up, you know, that actually one of the reasons he invited him was because Rick is pretty clear on that,
WG "Good"
AW "and actually funny enough, on complementarianism as well,"
WG "Good" (chuckling)
AW "So it's actually interesting how these things become kind of quite "core" and "
WG "mmmhmm"
They went on to talk about how you decide who to associate with. Had no problems with what he said. Then he returned to the conference issue at 9 min.
WG "As far as a conference, I suppose we could say also there's another question. And that is, 'To what degree that my participation in a conference implies endorsement of the other speakers. And I have to weigh that I suppose. If there was a conference at which the majority of the speakers were holding [contrary?] doctrines that I thought important and that I thought my presence would endorse them, then I probably would say I can't come. But if some liberal protestant church invited me as a guest to represent an evangelical position, where there's no likelihood the people would think I'm endorsing what they say, sure I'd take the opportunity."
Well... that's a lot of qualifiers. I think I know what he means but I am not 100 percent sure. What if you feel your presence wouldn't endorse them?  Does that change whether it actually does? I'm sure Grudem wouldn't say so.  But there's so much flexible subjective language in there that it would be hard to come up with any clear guidelines from what he said.  Now, he was speaking off the cuff so that's understandable.  I'm sure if he sat down and wrote it out it would be much clearer.  But what would be more illustrative would be to see if this sort of thing actually happens and what he does with it.

I would say from this quote that I hope that if he actually took the time and found out what Rick Warren teaches (and not via private conversations with Rick) he would recant what he said at 5:20 into the recording.

However it is interesting to note here that Wayne Grudem acknowledges that participating in a conference definitely implies some endorsement of the other speakers.