March 24, 2011

Rick Warren's infiltration of the Reformed Faith (Worldview Weekend)

Worldview Weekend's news team has written up a great article about
Rick Warren's infiltration of the Reformed Faith
The speed with which the Reformed faith is being infiltrated by Rick Warren and his Purpose-Driven false teachings should surprise even those who have been watching the Purpose Driven tsunami in action in the last decade
Rick Warren is employing another strategy in his ongoing quest for legitimacy in the Reformed world. An invitation to Saddleback is a big deal for anyone. It means you have officially arrived. Such a visit to the heart of evangelical apostasy by a Reformed author/speaker can be justified if you tell yourself that you will take the truth with you and really deliver it between the eyes of anyone at the conference/seminar/ event to which you're invited.

But what Reformed leaders don't realize is that they are playing directly into Rick Warren's hands. The few at the Saddleback conference who will hear the Reformed speaker's brave stand for truth isn't of concern to Mr. Warren. The fact is that the Reformed leader showed up at all, came to Rick's office and posed obligingly, grin in place and an arm thrown in a brotherly way around Warren's shoulders. It is a photo op with enormous implications, and even Michael Horton of the White Horse Inn got used in this way. Horton posted the photo on his blog; it was tweeted around through social media by various people, causing a lot of confusion.


note: in general I do not recommend Worldview Weekend as a source for discernment.