March 22, 2011

Congratulations are in order for Ken Ham!

A few days ago I read this excellent blog piece by Answers In Genesis founder Ken Ham.

Another Compromiser -- Speaking at Homeschool Conventions

This was a breath of fresh air.  Why was no one willing to do anything like this when John Piper invited Rick Warren to Desiring God?

Oh... this is why:

Kicked Out of Two Homeschool Conferences
Answers in Genesis, recognized as one of the strongest advocates for homeschooling in America, has been kicked out of two homeschool conventions where AiG President Ken Ham had been scheduled to speak. In addition, AiG as an exhibitor has also been expelled. One of the conferences is being held in our “backyard”: at the Cincinnati Convention Center.

So why has AiG been disinvited from the “Great Homeschool Conventions” (March 31–April 2 in Cincinnati) and also near Philadelphia (June 23–25)? Have the organizers accused AiG of promoting anti-biblical teaching and thus have voided its contract with us?
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All I can say is Bravo to Ken Ham! Praise the Lord, they put you outside the camp!  Well done! Stand strong!

This is how speaking to and confronting error works, folks. If you are in contact with error and they don't care, you aren't being clear enough.  If you keep getting invited to the wolf's den to speak, they are using you.  Don't let it happen!  Make it clear you are NOT what they are.

We need men of God to have courage and to force the issue right under the wolf's nose.  Too often we voluntarily muzzle ourselves so as not to cause our host undue embarrassment.  This is not what Jesus ever did.  He embarrassed his hosts regularly.  He was not obedient to the wolves.  Nor should we be.

The truth of the precious Word of Christ is being 'kidnapped' and 'abducted' from the church and we are constantly telling its defenders not to object too vociferously, lest they be labeled divisive or contentious. We have an idolatry of civility going on in the church.

I am not saying that for small differences we need to be so forthright, but everyone knows there are some very large elephants in the evangelical living room.  And because no one wants to make the elephants angry, and we keep trying to make them comfortable so that doesn't happen, they keep inviting their elephant friends in.

Imagine telling your child that if someone attempts to abduct them, they ought to remain civil and politely ask for the abductor to release them. It's a ridiculous thought. Yet when God's Truth is stumbling in the streets, all we can justify doing is perhaps to point out the problem in a detached academic sort of way and heaven forbid we make the promoter of error to feel foolish about their error.  Because of course, their feelings are more important than the error. After all, that doesn't further the relationship, does it? And it's relationships by which the Kingdom of God grows, right?

Hogwash.  Ham has it absolutely right here.  This differing on Creation, the foundation of both Law and Gospel, is no mere difference of opinion on secondary issues.

Brother Ham, I am praying that you remain strong, don't back down, don't apologize for having called a spade a spade.