January 10, 2011

Questions to think about--how to apologize for something

Those of you on facebook will be able to answer these on my wall when this note gets imported.

1. If you realize you publicly did something wrong to your friend(s), but (according to you) your friend also did something wrong in response, do you have any Scriptural justification to withhold apology for what you did wrong even though you figure the other person will never apologize?

2. If YES then Under what circumstances could you be Scripturally permitted or even advised to withhold apology?

3. Given that the original question posed a public wrong, then If NO then should you apologize publicly or privately?

4. When you apologize for anything you did wrong, whether public or private, what should be your response and attitude if the person uses your apology as justification for their actions?

Just some thoughts to ponder. I'll post my hypothetical answers later as an update to this post.