October 30, 2010

Caryl Matrisciana trashes Reformed theology and Lutherans (UPDATED

UPDATE: Now, I just wanted to add that it just occurred to me that Caryl Matrisciana MAY have been into the Rushdoonyite Reconstructionist sort of Calvinism that I've been running into on facebook lately. If so, then I would tend to agree with her on many of her points.

Her site also appears to be down for maintenance so you won't get to read her anti calvinist materials until that's done.


Originally published 1/27/10 8:21 PM

I was just made aware of this the other day.

I have skimmed over Brenda's testimony and jotted down some comments, as well as given a rather cursory glance at the 300 page (!) refutation of Calvinism by Caryl herself. She has effectively thrown much of the discernment community under the bus.

The most obvious problem is Caryl's assertion that Calvinism is something of a 'mind control' cult.

The more I read the more astounded I was at her complete lack of understanding of theology and Scripture regarding grace, sin, a Biblical anthropology, and sanctification. These are MAJOR ISSUES that deeply affect soteriology and the gospel itself.

I will try to go through it more carefully as I have time, but I don't know how long that will be. For now, there it is for you to check out for yourself.

James Sundquist rebuke to Desiring God participants regarding Rick Warren

James Sundquist has published his rebuke to John Piper and his Desiring God participants for at best remaining silent while Rick Warren preached false doctrine from Bethlehem Baptist's pulpit.

A Public Rebuke of Rick Warren, John Piper, Burk Parsons, and Kevin DeYoung

I have to say he is right on on this, I especially appreciated his noting the manipulative way that Warren starts off the speech:

Rick Warren opens his speech by telling us that his having to take care of the sick and his family medical emergencies was a major attack of Satan against him personally. Certainly all Christians have compassion for anyone who goes through difficult circumstances in life, and we know that some of these circumstances are attributable to attacks from Satan. But Rick Warren seems to talk about this in a way that is emotionally manipulative to the audience. How he describes what he is experiencing is rather startling because visiting the sick is something every pastor would be doing in the normal course of being a pastor, as should every Christian. What Rick Warren described would have been typical for a physician who attends patients for any week out of the year. For him to come up and tell the listeners that even administering medical attention to accident victims or someone who came in to the emergency room of the hospital…often in the middle of the night, was another “attack from the enemy…or Satan” would be unthinkable if not bizarre. This should be standard fare for physicians and pastors and the normal response of good Samaritans and conforms to Christ’s command.
I had this in the back of my mind, but had not said it quite as specifically as James did there. I seem to recall Chris Rosebrough also mentioned something about this (note: I am not sure where I heard it...I just remember hearing it from somewhere and the only others who have publicly said anything are James White on No Compromise Radio, Chris Rosebrough on Fighting for the Faith, and Todd Friel on Wretched Radio. No word from the observers of the monkey cage, Doug Wilson, nor Phil Johnson (Part 1) (part 2) yet as far as I know, who had plenty to say in April about how everyone was too upset about this and "let's wait and see" sort of attitude.)

Well we waited and we saw and it was absolutely as horrific as we thought. I guess especially these two don't see this sort of man centered works-righteousness trash as too bothersome then. Nor do they worry if their respected colleagues see it that way. But don't you lay people make snide comments about these colleagues of theirs or you will be referred to as mean spirited, disrespectful, irrational females, or just plain old monkey doo.

I also note especially James's good observations in the final paragraphs. He refers to two pastors who have 'fallen' this past month. I had said something similar when I said I would rather see a good pastor stumble in sin and be corrected by his loving church, than apostasize. No one seems to want to draw any attention to apostasy these days, lest they be labeled divisive. Now we hear Piper, Mohler, Sproul, Macarthur, Phil Johnson, etc give lip service to the idea that we should stand up for truth even if we are labeled divisive. At the moment they are needed these men are silent, and us stay at home moms and such are the ones taking the darts for them. I say, is this what our Christian male leaders have become? Men who hide behind skirts and lay people who are disgusted with this sort of friendship making and networking?

I am reminded of some lines from one of my favorite movies:
Le Bret: Why go about making enemies?
Cyrano: Watching other people making friends, everywhere, as a dog makes friends... I mark the manner of these canine courtesies, and think, Here comes, thank heaven, another enemy!
And the wonderful but oft-misattributed battle quote that many have said is from Martin Luther (but isn't)
“If I profess, with the loudest voice and the clearest exposition, every portion of the truth of God except precisely that little point which the world and the devil are at that moment attacking, I am not confessing Christ, however boldly I may be professing Christianity. Where the battle rages the loyalty of the soldier is proved; and to be steady on all the battle-field besides is mere flight and disgrace to him if he flinches at that one point.”
Never mind flinching, how about the squad leaders sitting home in the barracks or the mess hall having coffee together and discussing their next conference while their men and women are out there getting shelled? Meh, whatever. No biggie I guess. Enough people will still look up to them as honorable upstanding courageous men to keep the money flowing in.

There are also links at the end of James's articles on the problems with Lausanne, where Piper is headed next. I keep meaning to write up something on Lausanne, and Acts 29, but haven't gotten around to it. And this week I've been fighting off the dominionist Rushdoonyite legalists on facebook, which I find very tedious.

I gotta get out and kill a deer, take my mind off the craziness. If only the deer would cooperate.

"Cursed be any love or unity for whose sake the Word of God must be put at stake." -- Martin Luther

October 28, 2010

Pray for Bob DeWaay

Twin City Fellowship has posted the sad news about Bob DeWaay's health on their front page now. (On the left underneath Faith At Risk being cancelled)

Please keep them all in prayer for restoration, repentance, and healing in this devastating situation. We love the DeWaay's very much and have been blessed so greatly by his teaching.

Drinking is not a sin in itself, but drunkenness (and I would suggest addiction, whether or not you feel drunk or high) is. The line is often very blurry between these two and many people find themselves entangled without knowing what to do.

May the Lord guide the elders at Twin City Fellowship, and the DeWaays, as they go forward. You are all in our prayers.

October 19, 2010

Issues Etc review of Rick Warren's "Blessed or Stressed" sermon

Issues Etc put together a brutal montage of statements from a recent sermon by Rick Warren entitled "Blessed or Stressed"? It's something like I was thinking of doing with his speech at Desiring God. They play all the clips of what we must DO to get God's blessing, back to back.

Issues Etc's RIck Warren Quid Pro Quo God soundbite (only 1 minute 22 seconds)

This illustrates the point very well. Do this Do that Do this do that DO MORE... You need to do X so that God can do Y. God is somehow limited by your actions and attitudes? That sounds word-faithy to me... This is not a concept taught in Scripture, than God is limited by our sin and/or enabled by our good works. This false idea taught by Rick Warren and more blatantly by the TBN crowd, is frankly blasphemous. It puts Man in charge, not God.

The sermon that they reviewed is here:

Another one...

This content has been moved.

Please Pray for Bob DeWaay - health concerns

Without going into detail, I would like to ask that people please pray for Bob DeWaay and his family. He is having some serious health issues and exhaustion is a major problem for him right now along with other debilitating symptoms. Many of you know he has severe asthma and they are trying to manage it, but it seems to have been very bad this past year for him and doctors and the people around him are very concerned for his health.

We love you Bob, and pray that our sovereign Lord, who rises up with healing in his wings, will give you healing if it be his will, and the grace and strength to carry on and be a blessing to us for many more years!

October 13, 2010

Rick Warren lies and is unrepentant

Well if Ergun can, i guess then it's ok, right?

We see that one of the people to whom Rick Attributed his "pirates" tweet has responded. It does seem that DespisingMin was not involved in coming up with that tweet but defends it as humorous and that the song describes Chris Rosebrough well. Still have yet to hear from the blasphemous and vulgar ApprisingMin (who is not Ken Silva, but a person trying to mock Ken Silva).

I thought Rick Warren told us it's best to ignore "attacks" and not "stoop to their level?" You know, every time he attacks his critics they just get more followers...

October 12, 2010

Ergun Caner at Value Voter Summit 2010

Can you believe this guy?

Ergun Caner - Value Voter Summit Sept 17 2010

10 minutes in, after having talked about what a nitwit he is compared to all these other people here. This becomes a defense mechanism against criticism, similar to what we saw with Francis Chan at Desiring God this year. (He starts with it right off the bat, talking like some sort of groupie.)

Caner: "We would rather lose and do the right thing than win and compromise truth. Doing that which is expedient is not NEARLY as important as doing that which is right befor the eyes of God. I would rather stand for the marriage between a man and a woman than to compromise and have to face my God some day."

So to him homosexuality is REALLY bad and God will judge that, but lying well, that's ok. Since when is lying and attacking brothers and sisters in Christ who are calling for you to repent a family value? He keeps talking about worrying about what he's teaching his kids about living according to God's standards. Is this the sort of men he wants his kids to become?

"am I ever going to be in their eyes what I should be?"

Ergun Caner 2010 Values Voter Summit pt.2

leading up to 3 minutes in, he talks about people that criticize and not letting them get to you. Thankfully he refrains from tying it to the developments with his lying testimony. He does say he lost his family, father, home, culture. Still not sure how he lost his home. He didn't lose his home. His dad was already out of it, his mom didn't disown him. That doesn't seem to jive with the facts. Still unrepentant after all this time.

"When the whole world turns against you you smile, you love em, and you never let em shut you up." -- Ergun Caner

Uhuh. Yeah. Right.

Ergun Caner's Greatest Fear

Back in late August of 08, Ergun Caner started a sermon series called "Diary of a Slacker." The date of the Liberty U Campus Church podcast where he introduced the series was August 27. I haven't listened to much of him since he was dismissed, but since i'm caught up on all the other stuff I usually listen to, I decided to start this one.

I grabbed an excerpt of it from about 20 minutes in or so.

Caner spends a few min talking to his son after having talked about himself and making crude offensive jokes for much of the first 20 minutes. (Warning there are a few in this clip too.) Then he brings is son Braxton out... (spontaneously? Like he would be right there waiting, if it was spontaneous?)

Notice how he's taught his son to be the same way as himself, albeit not nearly as polished and believable. The kid seems to be repeating lines he was told to say. It doesn't seem to be very spontaneous for him. And Caner is laughing at him hysterically as if he's never heard the lines before. Now maybe he hadn't, but I'm convinced someone told that kid what kind of obnoxious, push-the-envelope crude things to say. Braxton ends the interview with a last word to the crowd. "If there's any hotties, call me!" Ergun thinks that's great and makes a joke about getting fired.

Yes ha ha that is all so funny (not really). But then his tone changes. He addresses the topic he is going to introduce, and he talks about his greatest fear. In light of all that's happened, this segment is so tragic. It seems, when you consider his reaction to having been exposed, that he really is terrified of acknowledging the truth, because it's going to bring about his greatest fear.

However, the failure in God's eyes would have occurred at the first fabrication. That failure he doesn't seem to fear nearly as much as the public failure. Despite his public protestations indicating he is an equal opportunity offender of people, this kind of behavior shows us that his priority lies with man and not with God. Tragic.

Theology has consequences. Grace, if he really believes in it, would understand that if he truly belongs to the Lord, even these sins are forgiven and he need not fear being honest about them.

October 8, 2010

Rick Warren takes public swipe at his critics and NAMES NAMES

Rick Warren has shown his true colors this morning, taking a swipe at Ken Silva, Ingrid Schlueter, and Chris Rosebrough all in one fell tweet (retweeted supposedly from one of his supporters, who uses the fake "ApprisingMin") Apprising Min is a moniker that is used to try and mock and discredit Ken Silva. This is much like when Richard Abanes, former music ministry member at Saddleback, and un-official ankle biter for Rick, created a parody site for Ingrid's Slice of Laodicea blog, calling it Slice of Laodicea Church. He even made it look almost exactly like hers. Don't any of these people have an original idea?


Rick has protected his tweets but if you go to his main page you can scroll back and find it, at least until he becomes embarrassed enough to delete it. The time stamp is approximately 10-7-2010 about 3:30pm give or take. (estimating from the '19 hours ago' that currently shows on the twitter feed as I write this).

Even I must admit, attacking those who would call you to repentance in 140 characters or less takes some talent and creativity and innovation. But Rick tops them all by managing to attack THREE of his critics at once within the Twitter parameters! I think that must deserve a trophy of some sort to put in his umpty thousand book library. Since he is so keen on mentioning all his good works in every public appearance (his tithing is now up to 91 percent, I'll have you know!), I figure that's about the only prize he's going to get per Matthew 6:1-4.

“Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.

“Thus, when you give to the needy, sound no trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be praised by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

Hmm... that reminds me also of this tweet:

But I digress.

Back to the point about Pirates who don't do anythng, Chris Rosebrough had an excellent response:
Here's the theme verse for the "Do Nothing Pirates" Romans 4:4-8...come join the crew!! http://bit.ly/brvqiD Thx @RickWarren

It's also been discovered that Rick's Re-tweet of the snide comment against Ingrid, Ken, and Chris was not actually a re-tweet at all. No tweets on the ApprisingMin or DespisingMin feed actually say what Rick seems to be attributing to them. Perhaps he thinks RT means "reply tweet" (but generally if someone is replying to a specific tweet, they use the reply link and it will show up as "in reply to (whoever)" and then you can click on that link to see what the tweet was.

Perhaps they deleted the original that had been re-tweeted. But if so, then the re-tweet by Rick would also disappear. Unless he copied and pasted it into a new tweet of its own. Regardless of how the tweet originated, those words went out under the authority of Rick Warren himself, whether or not he has minions posting his pithy little catch phrases for him. (Maybe one of these days when he tweets something egotistical or foolish he'll get really clever and claim his account has been hacked!)

Right after posting the Pirates-who-don't-do-anything tweet, Rick posted this:
"Don't be bluffed into silence or insincerity by the threats of religious bullies...There's nothing they can do to your soul" Lk12:4 (Mes)(Screenshot)
(Original source)
Oh you mean bullies... like those who spend quite a bit of time and energy threatening legal action against and bullying their critics? And "pastor's" sycophants who stalk and harass and try to impersonate and steal the identity of the pastor's critics? Those kinds of bullies Rick?

He also seems to be answering those who have been upset with Desiring God for inviting him and their endorsement of his 50 minutes of expounding man's traditions and a little dash of God's law on Friday night last:
Guilt by association is the childish tactic of those with feeble minds & arguments.If u smell it know their logic is bogus.

How about guilt by endorsement and promotion, Rick? Way to sock it to that straw man, Mr. Spock.

Incidentally there have been a couple other general swipes at his critics the last few days:
Some people only feel close to God when they're angry & attacking.It's caused by fear & deep disappointment. Just love them
original source
"Fools are quick to announce when they are upset.The wise IGNORE insults." Proverbs12:16
original source

HMMMMM..... I guess it doesn't really pay to speculate, but it's sure tempting as to why he isn't INGORING these perceived insults.

Let a righteous man strike me—it is a kindness;
let him rebuke me—it is oil for my head;
let my head not refuse it. --Psalm 141:5a ESV

At the very least, I pray something of the truth is finally getting through to him and cracking that self righteous facade.

Psst... Rick! Don't believe everything that you think! The Bible says that we can't be trusted to tell ourselves the truth!
(source 11:00-11:14)

(edit for new info)

More commentary at Airo, including quite a few good links, some of which I have posted previously: Rick Warren responds To His Critics

Ken has put up his post on this just now also: Apprising Ministries, Rick Warren, & Twitter

October 2, 2010


My friend Daniel over across the pond has weighed in on part of the latest chapter in the Rick Warren Desiring God debacle:


Excellent job Daniel!

**(USA NOT AU)** Tony Miano (The Lawman)'s logical fallacies

(NOTE - I have received a notice that there is a Baptist minister in Anthony Lawman in AU who is getting flack for these posts because of a confusion of identity.  My apologies!  This is NOT Anthony Lawman from Australia!)

For background information on the first blowup many months ago over this, see these pdf's. I haven't followed Tony since these, because it got so bizarre to try and deal with a fellow believer who was ashamed of what he believed. These pdf's were saved before I realized Safari will make a nice pdf for you directly from the page, so all the formatting isn't there. It's much easier to do now.


Tony the Lawman is apologizing for being a Calvinistic baptist, thinking that if he drops the label it will create peace. What he doesnt understand is that this is a logical fallacy. And that the pelagians in the church are out to destroy reformation theology by ANY name. He's learned very well from his fellow Californian Rodney King. So when they come along saying you are divisive because you have the label "Christian" what will he do?

The Lawman Chronicles - "Changing Labels"

So if you go to post a comment it says this:
‎"If you post a comment that is offensive, blasphemous, shrill, or contains any type of logical fallacy, the experience may have been cathartic for you, but don't expect to see your comment on the blog."

The logical fallacy part is really what gets me. Changing labels = useful unity builder. Riiiight. Well that particular fallacy got posted and prominently showcased by the blog's author himself, but I guess it's his blog and he can be as irrational as he likes.

So I just posted this: Are you STILL apologizing for this? Now you're dropping the label? Are you ashamed of it now? Do you think this will stop Calvary Chapel from their crusade to oust all reformation theology from their ranks? There is no apology to Amanda Insweden, me, or Gayle for letting your arminian friends flame us for nothing and then siding with them? Wow. Appalling.
I bet it won't get posted. Just a hunch.

A friend of mine brought up the idea of 'stockholm syndrome' in relation to this post. I think that's a valid idea. He needs to just get out of Calvary Chapel but he is so enslaved to the pastor is master, submit to him false teaching that he cannot see it is time to leave. So he blames everyone else who does have the courage to stand by the doctrines of grace. Very sad. Tony has become a coward before his fellow legalistic "free will" Christians.

Rick Warren: Piper approved! (SolaSisters)

Sola Sisters has a GREAT post that goes a little more into detail about things that were said by Rick.


October 1, 2010

Rick Warren at Desiring God by video (UPDATED)

He wasn't able to be there due to family emergency.

LaneChaplin posted on twitter:
Lane Chaplin
You can't satirize this stuff anymore:http://bit.ly/bKpwIY #dgnc
here's what the bit.ly link takes you to, the thing to which Lane was referring as impossible to satirize:

DG Bookstore

Rick Warren's Bible Study Methods on sale now in conference bookstore -- save 30%. Get it before it sells out! #DGNC

Wow. That is truly truly sad. I am hoping they are selling it at that rock bottom price for DNR certified pest-free fire starter. It might actually be cheaper than the certified firewood bundles you can get at the gas station.

My brother in law (a pastor in the AFLC) got it for me as a gag gift for Christmas one year. No, seriously, he did!

Someone reported to me that the #dgnc twitter feed consensus seems to be that Rick Warren "won the day" with what he SAID but the problem is what he DOES. I simply don't see how he can have won anything or anyone who has a Biblical, orthodox, deeply theological, and SOUND mindset with what he SAID here at the Desiring God National Conference 2010 today.

It's completely psychobabble and more "ten steps to fixing your mind." Why does John Piper think this guy is a strong communicator? I feel like he is talking to a bunch of people whose maximum level of maturity doesn't exceed 5th grade. What is up with John Piper?

Something JP said (reported to me by someone who was there) after this video:

John Piper: "Rick Warren is an unbelievable communicator..." (well I won't argue there! Tongue firmly planted in cheek) "there is a certain approach there that isn't me"

Well surprise John it isn't about you, it's about Jesus, and Scripture. Why do we care if it's not "you"? Come ON John.

John Piper apparently took Rick Warren to task about "putting application over teaching.... the roots of scripture teaching need to go deep so the fruit continues thirty years. And when you just "do the application" that's just not there."

I sure hope they post this part of the conference for us to hear and verify. This is a very VERY important response that should not be left out of the public view.

UPDATE Saturday 10-2-10, 9:50 AM.
I am now listening to the Friday Panel discussion that took place after the Rick Warren video. At first it sounded awkward, as if they were all in shock and uncomfortable at how BAD the message was.

But then, Burk Parsons, in almost hushed tones, praises Rick up and down right off the bat. My jaw almost hit the floor. I simply cannot believe these men's inability to refrain from stroking and praising the wolf. John Piper does, in fact, say what my friend reported (and I quoted above). "Rick Warren is an UNBELIEVABLE communicator." Yes John, emphasis on UNBELIEVABLE. I most certainly cannot believe Rick.

They mention Rick positively and make minor points of disagreement here and there throughout the rest of the discussion. John in particular praises the SHAPE program and how crucial it (among other things) is to the way you go about "dreaming" (i.e. dreaming dreams for God, referring to Rick talking about dreaming) and "seeing what's not there." I'm thinking Piper's self-imposed "sabbatical" has completely backfired. But that's what happens when you come up with a strategy for sanctifying yourself.

But what is most UNBELIEVABLE to me this morning is that these men have emphasized the brilliance of the emperor's new clothes while taking pains to describe how they don't think his belt quite coordinates with the shoes.