May 28, 2010

Fascism Has Been Reborn And Its New Name Is Postmodernity

My husband tried to teach a discernment class at church where he spent some time talking about postmodern spirituality. I know we had at least one man leave because he thought it was boring. Jason then made an effort to explain to people that while this stuff may sound completely crazy and useless, *your kids and grandkids* are being taught this stuff when they leave your home. They are being taught this in both secular AND Christian colleges, as well as in the media and at the work place. YOU MUST as Christians get your heads around this and teach your children or anyone you have influence with to think around this.

Chris Rosebrough has written a great summary here:

Fighting For the Faith podcasts

Deconstructionism is integral to the subversion of the church and the diluting of its message. This is a must-read, and more importantly a must-understand. If are a Christian who attends church or in any way deals with other people (so, everyone), you must apply yourself to understanding this, I PLEAD with you. This is everywhere and it is destroying the church without firing a shot in most cases.

This is a conversation with Bob DeWaay on the parallels between Emergent Postmodernity and Fascism. Worth your time. Please take the time to start understanding this. If it doesn't sink it right away or seems over your head, give it time, keep trying! All of this 'big picture' stuff really does take months sometimes to put together, even if you are applying most of your waking hours to think it through. I know it did for me.

in which he reads the above linked article and also ties it in with The Purpose Driven definition of a "Christ Follower". He also does an EXCELLENT sermon review of "Man Up" by Steve Davis, True North Church, Augusta, SC which is a great representation of what most of evangelicalism is doing these days. Focusing on Family Values. Family Values are not bad, but outside of Christ, being spoken of in a Christless context, a mixed up gospel, they are 1. not likely going to happen and if they do, then 2. are of no eternal value.

May 24, 2010

Ergun Caner on Mighty Men of Valor

From Ashburn Baptist Church iTunes podcast in Fall 05 (release date on sermon 9-4-05) Ergun Caner speaking on "Mighty Men of Valor" (emphasis added) says:

"Can I point out to you that true men of valor stand in times of crisis. Stand. Look at verse 1. True men of valor stand in times of crisis. Now these men are the ones who came to David where? At Ziklag while he was still restricted because of (his) son. They were among the mighty men who helped him in war. While he was still restricted. If you're a man of valor, you don't wait till the team's already winning. You come at crisis time. There are those that you and I both know that come onto the team and don't play until 2 minutes left in the game. They're the guys that the coach puts in when we're ahead by thirty points. He knows they can't mess anything up. They maybe make one pass and as soon as the bell sounds they start screaming 'WE WON! WE WON!' Well you know what you didn't do nothin'! True men of valor don't stand back and wait to see which side's winning. True men of valor come while David is still restricted. True men of valor rise up in the middle of the conflict. They don't wait for others to lead. They don't wait for the call to be ushered. They don't wait for something to be announced. If you and I are going to be that Kalil gaboor(?), I've we're going to be the men of valor that we're supposed to be, you and I have to distinguish ourselves as those who are willing to stand in the midst of crisis. That means it's at the cost of popularity, at the cost of prosperity, sometimes at the cost of prestige, certainly at the cost of power. Would you speak up if it meant you'd lose your job? Would you speak up if it meant scorn, ridicule, attack, would you speak up if nobody else paid attention? But would you speak up not because you can win, but because it's RIGHT? Do you know how rare that is?"

Norm "wait-and-see" Geisler (emphasis added)

"To Whom It May Concern:

“I am familiar with the slanderous charges that have been made against Dr. Ergun Caner generated by some Muslim groups and other extremists. I have looked into the matter, talking with Ergun and other principal parties at Liberty, and am convinced that the charges are libelous. I am also convinced that whatever ambiguous or misstatement that may have been made, Dr. Caner has done nothing heretical, immoral, or illegal. I stand with him against these vicious attacks. He has taken a strong stand on important issues that stir up controversy, but to my knowledge has done nothing unorthodox or malicious. I urge all to consider him innocent unless proven guilty. He has welcomed an inquiry from the Liberty authorities. Let’s await their findings. Christians have a bad habit of shooting their wounded. Let’s pray for and encourage our brother.”

Sincerely in Christ,

Dr. Norman L. Geisler

Thank you Dr White for being a 'Man of Valor,' in not just this issue but so many others, by God's grace.

May 22, 2010

Norm Geisler weighs in on Ergun Caner, James White responds

Norm Geisler has stepped in it er... has... weighed in on... the Ergun Caner situation, and James White has responded, cutting to the chase as usual!


I have looked into the matter, talking with Ergun and other principal parties at Liberty, and am convinced that the charges are libelous.


My first thought upon reading the statement was, "If Dr. Geisler has talked to Ergun Caner, and can conclude that directly contradictory statements such as "I was born in Istanbul" and "I was born in Stockholm" are merely "ambiguous" statements, then it is now morally incumbent upon Dr. Geisler, who did not need to involve himself in the matter, to answer the questions that Ergun Caner has so far refused to answer." If he possesses answers to all twenty two questions I posted earlier (click here), then a moral obligation is upon him to provide these answers to the rest of the world, in light of Dr. Caner's refusal to do so. He says he is "convinced" of his conclusions. Wonderful! Now he needs to convince the rest of us.

EXACTLY. Dr Geisler, we're all ears!

In the meantime, perhaps Peter Lumpkins can print this one off for Dr Geisler and have him read it since he seems to be functioning as Geisler's emissary here:
UPDATE: (5-24-2010 9:58 am CT)
Sigh. Well I tried to post a comment at Peter Lumpkins' site. I had referred to Lumpkins' saying Geisler has taught Logic. I said something like:

"Geisler has taught Logic? WHY?"

It hasn't been approved yet. Hm. Must be a glitch.

May 14, 2010

Tom Chantry on Stephen Ambrose, Ergun Caner, and the Credibility of the Gospel (Turretinfan)

TurretinFan has a post over at his blog linking to a 5 part series by Tom Chantry at CRBC Pastoral Blog on

Tom Chantry on Stephen Ambrose, Ergun Caner, and the Credibility of the Gospel

Highly recommended. It's a long read, but worth it. James White recommended it as a "must read" as well.

May 11, 2010

John Ankerberg blames persecution for Caner flap

John Ankerberg has weighed in on the Caner flap

"Whenever we seek to share the truth about false religions,we should expect opposition – & that is what the Caner brothers areexperiencing from the Muslims. There is a movement to discredit Ergun & Emir Caner, they were raised as Muslims (that’s why we had them on our show), but are now Christians. We know what we have presented & what they have spoken is true..."

Many of our video clips of them on YouTube have been deliberately altered.

Oh come now John. You mean to say that looping words and slowing words down actually alters the CONTENT of what Caner is saying? What about Focus on the Family and all the Ergun Caner-friendly videos that are out there? They played his testimony straight through and it contains just as many errors!

Get your head out of the sand! Other people can discern truth from error besides you!

Surph's side blog -glad i found it

I found a new blog today

I did a search for John Piper Rick Warren and found what she's been blogging about over this last month. I have to say I echo many of her thoughts.


Phil Johnson revisited (Iron Sharpens Iron Interview part 2)

I noticed that Iron Sharpens Iron podcast does not have either of the Phil Johnson podcasts in the podcast list. Not sure why. But that made me do a search on their site for the original episode, which aired 4-6-2010. Doing that brought up the more recent 2nd part, which I did not previously know about.

Part 2

Part 1 if you haven't listened (get it while you can, I think it's really supposed to be a 30 day archive)

SO...More misrepresentation by Phil Johnson in part 2.

From about minute 24 to 28 he seems to be blaming it on "mostly women." and in particular a 'couple of women on his facebook page' which he does not name. But he did then cast aspersions on Ingrid and Gayle and me as some of the 'worst violators' when we tried to call him out on the mocking post about the 'ugly mug shot.'

I do not know who called Piper a "clown," because as I recall, Phil said he deleted it, but I can't remember where he said that (possibly in the first part of the Iron Sharpens Iron interview but I haven't thought about it for a few weeks, so can't rightly recall). But again frankly that's pretty minor, seems to me. Did that lady consider Piper a clown over this or did she already think he was? It's maybe not nice, but I've seen plenty worse and I would have to see the context to know if Phil is overreacting. But... as I said, he said elsewhere (can't recall where) that he deleted it.

But by continuing to criticize Ingrid and me and Gayle as some of the 'worst violators' when we showed up on the mug shot thread, he ends up (possibly unintentionally) plastering us with that "clown" accusation by not naming who exactly it was and then calling us the "some of the worst violators."

This is totally irresponsible.

Lisa nunley of Deo Volente blog called in at about 44-45 minutes in and that goes on for several minutes, feeding into this whole idea that Phil is accurately representing what happened. Well, alrighty then.

WHY does Phil keep missing the point it IS about the GOSPEL and how Piper has already SAID that Rick Warren is "BIBLICALLY SOUND"? All this 'wait and see' for the DG Conference means almost nothing since Piper said that three separate times. People have been terribly hurt by Rick Warren and all his clones, but that's ok I guess. They should just get over it and stop being so emotional. Chop-chop! Get on that now you purpose driven refugees!

He also says something about how the bad stuff on his blog at least"tends to be the critics of John Piper" on his website WELL YES because the lovers of RICK WARREN don't hang out on your site Phil! And even if they did, they have not been hurt by this development in the least!

I still wonder why no one like Phil who spends his time haranguing hurt people for acting hurt has brought up the pro-warren/piper comment on Justin Taylor's blog about all of us running around like chickens flapping madly bock bock bock bock! I guess that one was ok then? That was by far the most egregious example I saw on Taylor's blog from either side. OH I guess it could be said that that was directed at us hurting nobodies, not a highly respected pastor with a track record who deserves more respect than the rest of us mere mortals.

Well, I ask, who else ARE the people who are favorable to this decision going to attack and act rude toward?

Phil keeps telling us in this to learn to manage our disagreements with each other. etc and not divide unnecessarily, go off without thinking etc, but the first part of this show he says he doesn't want to be associated with emotional people. Sorry, I don't understand... something is not adding up here.

Again, I say, being emotional or polemical in one's speaking style is the new leprosy in Christian circles.

May 10, 2010

Ed Young's Spin Machine Whirls Into Action

Chris Rosebrough has done another great segment on Ed Young's latest pathetically ridiculous obfuscations:

Ed Young's Spin Machine Whirls Into Action

The segment starts at about 12-13 minutes in

Chris received a note from someone who calls himself "Gary" (possibly not his real name, I sure would change mine if I was trying to expose these guys, knowing they are following the Purpose Driven model of harassing all critics like Perry Noble).

Here's a partial transcript.

"Ed demands perfection." People get ousted for disagreeing with church leadership, wanting to start a Bible Study with church members, accusing the staff of dishonesty, and not volunteering enough. "Even a couple who was refused a sacramental act because they didn't volunteer enough."

"When the original news report came out in early February, the Miami campus was kept in the dark. Unless you watched Ed's blog you would have no clue that the report had aired. The Miami campus always has their Sunday service brought in by Satellite feed. That particular morning, the week of the original report, when Ed came on the screen the crowd gave him a standing ovation. Then he proceeded to say something along the lines of it being a difficult week, and then the feed went black. And then the feed went black and the Miami campus pastor came forward to buy time. After claiming Satan to be responsible for the satellite feed being interrupted, several minutes passed and then the feed came back and of course Ed was just beginning his normal sermon. Therefore it's clear that Ed's response to the report is what was skipped entirely at the Miami campus. So it was very obvious that the Miami campus was being kept in the dark."

Focus on the Family teaches kissing technique
Rekindling the Romance in Your Marriage (Part 1 of 2)

David Clarke
In a discussion based on his book Kiss Me Like You Mean It, David Clarke offers couples practical advice for rekindling romance in their marriage

Sounds like FOF has um..."upgraded" its offerings since I listened in the 80's and early 90's. the "Kissing test" -- make sure you kiss with saliva. Great.

This has to be one of the most disturbing things I have ever heard next to all those 30/40 however many days of hot sex sermon series. (So yes, the rest of this post will probably convey my agitated state of mind.)

Should be loads of fun and usefulness.

Oh... I could have done without his description of how he announces he's going to go to the bathroom and gives the wife a great big (salivary) kiss. Greeeeaat. TMI.

How to rekindle the romance if you have let it fizzle out:

"you can't just grab your wife and throw her on the bed. I wish I could. That was honeymoon, that was great, those days are gone."

But isn't this all about how those days SHOULDN'T be gone? Are they contradicting themselves?

SO after all the discussion about how we should kiss, the takeaway is "we're not loving our spouses as Jesus loved." Yeah? Ya think? so the answer is... "do it better"? Sure would be nice to hear there is forgiveness of sins and how we might receive that forgiveness on this "CHRISTIAN" show.

Oh... and Jesus doesn't kiss me with saliva either. So not sure the analogy is .. umm. quite accurate.

They have me dying of curiosity about part 2, maybe they'll offer me the forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ? (should I hold my breath?)

Sometimes it's so ridiculous what's going on in the 'church' that if you don't laugh you'd cry.

May 6, 2010

Ok now THIS is Funny!

A guy on youtube who calls himself DrErgunCaner has put up some really good spoof videos.

Note the Zippo lighter sound effect at the beginning...(Liar Liar Pants on fire...)

Ergun Caner - Defending the Faith - Program #1

Ergun Caner - We Had to Turn the Comments Off - Program #2

Ergun Caner - Celebrate Good Times - Program #3

Wow! Good job, whoever you are! But you need to raise the pitch of your voice about a fourth and just talk louder overall. heh.

May 5, 2010

Rick Warren on the World's "Religions"

This is an interview with Jeffrey Sheler the biographer for Rick Warren:

Note that now according to Sheler at least, he quotes Rick Warren as thinks other religions have the ability to solve the world's problems too. He actually draws attention to the plural.


Whenever he addresses world leaders at forums like Davos, the United Nations, or the Council on Foreign Relations, Warren challenges the notion of an ascendancy of secularism around the world. He is convinced that only in Europe, Manhattan, and maybe in Hollywood may that be the case.

He sees the world as overwhelmingly and increasingly religious, and he is convinced that only the world’s religions — plural — have the ability, the will and the human resources to tackle some of the world’s most intransigent social problems. He often says it will take all three legs of the stool — government, the private sector and faith communities — working together to get the job done.

Rick Warren will have to come out and refute this as being misquoted...

But it sure seems like this PEACE Plan keeps evolving a la the Seven Commandments of Animal Farm.

Baptist Press Article on Ergun Caner

Baptist Press has written about the Ergun Caner situation. This is a much better article, a lot more thorough.

May 4, 2010

What is Mark Driscoll thinking??

If you weren't worried about Mark Driscoll since he abandoned Emergent, you might want to reconsider.

Christian question: 'Interfaith dialogue' or 'useful idiots'?
Growing trend to meet with Muslims rings alarm bells for some

As if we haven't had enough compromise from the young (and old) restless and reformed bunch this spring so far.

Liberty University continues to blaspheme (UPDATED)

UPDATE: I just read Mohammad Khan's blog post (linked further down) and now John Ankerberg is involved in this lying obfuscation too. Perhaps he has been previously, and I didn't know. This is so bizarre. How far is this going to go?
original post:

(notice, it's WEB ONLY-- no we aren't going to send it out to our paid subscribers, because they may get upset and withdraw support!)

Actually if you read between the lines there are quite a few good facts there, which you would not expect from Christianity Astray. I am surprised it was that good. I predict John W. Kennedy, the author of the article, will STILL come under some form of reprimand at work.

Ergun and Emir couldn't trouble themselves to answer CT's requests for an interview on this. Much bigger fish to fry, like...shutting down Mohammed Khan's youtube account.

So, looks like the Caners and Liberty University CAN do something about "problem" people after all.

No no no, not that they did anything about the Liar who is their president. No of course not.

No they complained to YOUTUBE to shut down Mohammed Khan for Terms of Use Violation because he was exposing Ergun Caner as a liar. Mohammed Khan has blogged about it here.

here is his youtube account (suspended)

here's one of his videos:

YouTube – FAKE EX MUSLIM EXPOSED PART 7 Dr.Ergun Caner talks about his Journey from Islam to Christ

POOF! gone, vanished!

Very brave Ergun and co, very brave. (golf clap)

But seriously:

Ergun, here is what the Lord you claim to serve says about dealing with people who are trying to correct you.

Proverbs 29:1 He who is often reproved, yet stiffens his neck,
will suddenly be broken beyond healing.

I am not saying it, the Lord is. And I hope that you will soften your heart and repent of your wickedness so that judgement does NOT come on you.

The Lord has seen fit, Liberty U, and Ergun, to try and warn you through many people, including unbelievers, but you remain stiff necked. Repent and come clean! Cease your blaspheming his name by your deceitful actions and words!

May 2, 2010

What we would have missed

This is sure to bring tears of joy to your eyes.

Praise the Lord the Giver of Life!

And what a great song. I'm going to have to find a copy of that.